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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.




    Season 11 i know but i want Doooorinda to come back and haunt Avery’s grand daughter.
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Dorita gave us constant entertainment, including that iconic moment when her text alerts were coming in like the shark from Jaws was slowly approaching. Telling Ramona to cry her Turtle Tears? Telling Tinsley her chewing gum lasts longer than her relationships? Telling Luann Thank You That I Gave it To You about Jovani? We love to see it.
  4. Also while Dorinda was a bit off last year, her reign of terror was... Real, unlike Leah, the only issue is that she lacked her typical wholesome moments to counterbalance her endless rampage.
  5. Dorinda was fun for years because her dramatics, drunk rantings and hand throwing were mixed with real connections, soft moments, wisdom, and joy. But her last season she was truly a monster, literally bullied Tinslegend for an entire (half) season for absolutely no reason, and was unreasonable beyond it being fun to watch.

    I wouldn’t hate Dorinda and Bethenny to come back as a power duo and sort these ladies out, but it has to be early seasons Dorinda. I couldn’t deal with her to come back like she left.
  6. It makes me so mad that this is the first season I got my friends to watch in real time. Like why couldn't they have jumped on the bandwagon 2-3 years ago when things were really cookin' (mama).
  7. The issue for me is that they stretched a short trip that was clearly a bad one for Leah into what felt like 4837 episodes. What would have been a two-parter in a regular season dragged out because of their filming restrictions. Even so, there was a lot to enjoy throughout, but yes... Leah got obnoxious. I'm hopeful that as the season progresses she'll be less abrasive now that she's been able to grieve. I think her and Eboni have a promising friendship. And we still have a ton of episodes to go. I'm not ready to write the season of yet, especially when Sonja has been shining and Eboni is such a promising addition.
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  8. This is exactly where I'm at with this season. I find Leah obnoxious yes, but I also think it was a perfect storm of bad circumstances and the additional magnifying glass of fewer housewives makes it seem glaring.

    There's plenty of potential left in the season, as will always be the case when you have any combination of Ramona, Sonja and Luann present. It's a shame this was the way they kicked off the season rather than it being a bit of a mid-season dip, because I think in general the season needed to prove it could still be excellent after losing three multi-season housewives in the span of two seasons and it wasn't able to do that in its first stretch of episodes.

    Keep the faith girls, there is hope on the horizon:
  9. I don’t think there’s any denying this is the worst NY season thus far, but is it still the 4th best city of the franchise? Without question.
  10. I’m not ready to write this season off. The last couple seasons were also tired IMO, so this isn’t anything new. I’m going to wait and see what the Queen brings next week!
  11. Just gonna post this to make the rest of you Sonjaritas jealous xx


    Can’t wait to get drunk with our mom
  12. Bethenny announced today that she's launching Skinnygirl Pizza.

    So, the rosè, lunch meat, jeans, coffee syrup, candy bars, snack cakes and drink mixes now have a new friend.
  13. She needs a platform to promote them on, something that'll easily reach her target audience.

    What could that be?

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  14. I sincerely hope it's Bethenny but I feel like it's too soon in the sense he must be referring to someone who's been away for a while? Watch it just be Sheree.
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  15. My guess for the surprise returning HW is Phaedra on ATL. There are rumors of Kandi leaving which opens Phaedra up to a return. I DO think Bethenny will return though, it’s just a little soon for this to be her. I hope we can manage at least one more season before Bethenny returns to torment us with Skinnygirl promo and her dominance over the group.
  16. I wouldn’t be shocked if Bethenny returned, she spent the last year banning interviewers from mentioning the show and is now talking about it non stop.

    And honestly, she’s needed - this is the worst season yet and I’m struggling to watch. It’s legit my favourite show on TV so this makes me upset.

    I need B to eat Leah up.
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  17. I like B more than most but Carole totally cut her gaslighting bs and gathered her with “Does the truth freak you out?”.

    She is a writer hunni.
  18. Legit question, besides her skinnygirl margarita, do her products sell?
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  19. No one:

    Leah in her pink confessional look:
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