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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

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    Bershan needs an apple, STAT.

    She came in, raised hell, had the girls quaking, almost choked someone out, and was STILL able to have a redeeming and endearing moment with the girls and have a laugh afterward. If this isn't classic Housewives behavior, I don't know what is.
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  2. Given she is "Ramona's" friend, she may be doomed. I would absolutely love a return though, she has been the sole cause of mayhem since Holla left (and yes I know Holla was not the aggressor but her mere presence caused mayhem).
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  3. I feel like Jill is gonna return at some capacity. They need to do something big to overcome this year and i feel like her returning along with Bethenny will be it.

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  4. How can we convince Leah to get the hunties back on her side by having Azealia Banks film with her next season?
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  5. Now sis... a majority of hunties cannot stand Azealia's problematique ass.
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  6. Something tells me the gays who are tuning out because the show is too boring & "woke" now aren't the same ones who can't stand Azealia Banks.

  7. Ramona unraveling about her brother at the séance...even at its worst I can never hate New York.
  9. I actually thought this week was really great, the season is definitely improving. The Sonja Bershan fight, the intervention, the seance, Leah’s photo charger hanging on by a thread… it was all there.

    It being followed by that mid-season trailer though. I really hope it’s poor editing because, girl
  10. After this episode

  11. I just finished season 3 and has anyone else noticed Dorinda in the background of Ramona's vowel renewal? First time I've noticed it.
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  13. She was there too? I just watched that episode and didn’t see it. Need to run back and take a peek.
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  14. Admittedly, it's not the best shot but I know that's Dorinda next to Ramona.
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  16. Imagine being so boring that you don't even get demoted to Friend Of**... RIP to the Party Planner who may be called Jen Gilbert.

    **I mean, she was technically a "Friend Of" but only because she showed up at some of the parties and that's ONLY because she was the one who planned them and they couldn't cut her out.
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  17. The fact that Sonja broke through the legendary powers of the season 3 cast speaks to how amazing she was.
  18. This season has definitely returned to form with the Salem trip. We’ll see if it’ll last though.

    I thought our moms totally overreacted over Bershan at the Italian restaurant, like did she really say anything that offensive? It’s clear they are just very protective of their group and are routinely hostile to those who try and disrupt their dynamic. Which is somewhat oddly endearing.
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