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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Yas, bring back Tinslay Mortilegend…

    … AND Dorinda!!! They’re absolutely mad if they don’t approach her to return, the fans are begging for it. I get the feeling they’re gonna Tamra her though.
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  3. I’m not over LuAnn saying ‘I got arrested for much less’ as if she didn’t break out of a police car and assault a police officer.
  4. They had some really good moments together before the feud. I'd like to see them make up, ideally.
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  5. Sonja can’t go. She has actually been pretty great this season and should stick around. I know Ramona is messy but I would hate to see her go too. Luann truly is the one to kick/demote to a Friend Of.

    I stated it before and I’ll state it again, we all know how OC turned out when Gina and Emily joined… to quote the awful, yet entertaining Vicki Gunvalson “Snoooore”.
  6. Luann does feel completely inessential at this point, but the one thing next season definitely definitely needs is 7+ full-time cast members, so the idea of culling all the OGs is absurd.
  7. 5 Housewives is just too few to make it worthwhile. There isn’t enough to group off and build any sort of conflict or drama. It’s why season 7 was so good. It was STACKED!
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  8. Kristen POC Taekman doesn't deserve this.
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  9. HOWLING at this. Jill is working overtime.

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  10. The power RHONY has, even at its worst.
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  11. Drag me but.. I have faith Bravo will do the right thing. Their actions suggest they're extremely committed to keeping the Housewives franchise alive and thriving in this new decade. Instead of just powering through like usual, they're actually resting certain cities to get the casting correct before relaunching, which is a great idea. Filming for Atlanta and Dallas has been delayed and NYC is set to follow suit. OC was as well and it looks like they could be in for a good season since taking a break.

    NYC has always been Andy's favourite, so I have no doubt he'll do all he can to revive it.
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  12. I'm not bothered if they demote LuAnn.
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  13. If Bethenny indeed comes back, they cant let anyone from the OGs go, especially Luann. I want another saga for “You are a sicko for cabaret!”.
  14. Getting rid of the only remaining OGs would be a terrible decision. I wouldn’t watch this show without them, unless they brought back Bethenny, Tinsley, and Dorinda as the replacements.
  15. Second episode of season 4, Alex and Sonja spend 5 mins of screen time screaming at each other, and when Alex finally storms out the place it cuts to LuAnn's confessional saying "I don't know what Alex was wearing to Sonja's purrty, It was some kind of S&M bondage thing... I would kick her out just for the dress". This is why I pay to watch TV.
  16. I remember a producer from Housewives saying that they're always hesitant to let OG's go because replacing women of their calibre is incredibly hard going. I believe a similar sentiment was repeated in regards to Atlanta's casting difficulties for their upcoming season, the likes of Kandi, Kenya, Porsha, Cynthia etc have been on the show so long because finding new talent is tough.

    We said it a few pages back but if Dorinda and Bethenny return, they can't let any of the OG's leave. Ramona, Bethenny, Luann, Sonja and Dorinda are the best 5 cast members the show has ever had. No one comes close to them.
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  17. I assumed Eboni and Leah were gone.
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  18. First Kodak, now NBC. Ramona's destructive powers are only growing stronger with time.
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  19. This week’s episode was FUN!
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