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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. After weeks of being deprived of watching anything after season 4 because not a single streaming service in my country offers it, I've found a way to seasons 5-13 through occult, mysterious ways. I'm finally diving into this girls.
  2. "I'd felt more comfortable sitting in the back of a C130 cargo plane flying into Afghanistan than I did sitting there listening to LuAnn"

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  3. I love seeing more and more of the PJ faguettes turning to this show/franchise/series.

    The power of keeping "some" of the Housewives threads on the first page with all of our discussions.


    We won. Now we just need to get more of them on board Melbourne and Vancouver. Those are the 'cult' faves.
  4. Vancouver is SUCH a ride. Jody Claman is.... SOMETHING. I wish we got a reunion for season 2.
  5. Just say unhinged.




  6. Jody was insane, but Ronnie was absolutely terrifying, Jody was more Disney villain, whereas Ronnie was more psychological horror thriller villain, ddd.

    I have yet to finish Vancouver, but the Season 2 cast, bar Amanda, was amazing.
  7. The way I saw Vancouver YEARS ago and only once and I still remember most of the housewives. That was a classic.

    Thanks SLICE for giving me a window into the 'rich' white lady villains of Canada.
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  8. Uno


    So strange how I went from finding Alex disposable all of S1 & S2, then absolutely loving her in in S3, and now actively loathing her in S4. Kelly hit the nail on the head when she said she needed to stop participating in other people's drama.

    I do love the way LuAnn keeps on collecting Alex this season though.

    "What is that? Is that a buffalo coming down the stairs?!"
    "Go back from the cabinet you came out of. Witch."
    “You came after me, in your Herman Munster shoes.”
  9. S4 Alex is an absolute nightmare personally but TV wise she understood the assignment. I wish she would have accepted that friend-of offer because seeing her interact with Aviva is like a wetdream.
  10. BTG


    S4 Alex did what she had to do. She was fighting for that apple and she deserved it.
  11. I’m really enjoying Leah on S12 so I’m mortified knowing what’s to come in S13.
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  12. I've never, ever done such a quick 180 on a housewife in the whole franchise's history. I thought she was great last year and I actually groan when she is on screen now.
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  13. Leah was great last year and is... not living up to that. But I firmly believe that her being super annoying in first few episodes (and the season being shit in general) has led to people hating on her excessively for the entire season. In truth, her worst offense in the back-half of this year is that she's as boring as everyone else is right now. The problem with the show is much, much bigger than Leah.

    In other news, Eboni is set to guest co-host The View. Eboni can keep her apple if it means she brings Joy Beyhar along! Dorinda VS Joy is what the gays deserve in 2022!
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  14. Leah starts to careen midway through S12 after Tinsley leaves and she hitches her wagon fully to the Dorinda rage spiral. Her reunion performance is when I knew. The signs were there before this season.
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  15. The way Eboni revealed herself to be a conservative republican...she sucks, too! I've been SAYING. Bin them all.
  16. The thing that is making this season truly painful is that no one is changing/growing/crashing or have any arcs, outside of Sonja (and I’m being generous). It’s suffering a lot because of it.
  17. The reunion still hasn't been filmed...
  18. I don't think people are recognizing how much of a big deal this is. It appears to be due to more than just scheduling and travel. For us to be at the season finale with no filmed reunion in the can...the network must be very unhappy with how this season turned out.

    It may actually be worse than OC14 at this point. At least we had Gina calling Brown Wind a SLOPPY CHIHUAHUA.
  19. Something's way off. The fact none of the women are talking and ignoring the obvious isn't good either. We're definitely getting a reboot next year.

    I'm gonna throw my two cents in and say the reunion 100% isn't happening. Andy is already asking fans to submit questions for BH which aired like a month after RHONY and apparently Potomac reunion is shooting a few weeks after. It's a wrap.
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  20. Has any of the housewives addressed this? About filming the reunion or it being delayed? This is very strange. Even if they were to can it, they usually have a reunion. See Miami.
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