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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. C’mon math!
  2. I also enjoyed the finale, it was the first time the group had any type of chemistry.

    Though I’m still up for ditching Eboni and Leah, and upgrading Bershawn.

    Worst season ever.
  3. Time for an updated season and cast member rank (not counting season 1) that nobody asked for!!!

    God Tier: 10, 8, 9, 3
    Good: 7, 11, 4
    Decent: 12, 5, 6, 2
    Trash: 13

    Based on personal preference and what they brought to the show

    G.O.A.T: Ramona, Sonja, Dorinda, Bethenny
    Great: Luann, Carole, Jill
    Good: Tinsley, Heather, Leah, Aviva
    Average: Alex
    Flop!: Eboni, Kristen, Jules
    Evil: Kelly
    The Lower Level: Cindy
  4. Alex is definitely in the good category with a potential to be great. She's a producer's dream and she would've done literally anything to be messy.
  5. I will not have Queen of Brooklyn, Alex McCord described as anything less than an excellent cast member thank you.
  6. I just know that basement stank of mice food.... ......
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  7. Having Alex ranked lower than Leah...
  8. that's my opinioooooonnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

    Make your own lists you bunch of mouse breeders!!!!!!
  9. ... and I yell, and I yell

    Here it is anyways,

    S tier: Dorinda, Ramona, Luann (this season was a flop but her run on the show was incredible)

    A Tier: Jill, Bethenny

    B Tier: Alex, Carole, Heather, Aviva, Sonja

    C Tier: Tinsley, Kristen, Jules, Kelly (horrible, but essential at least on season 2/3)

    F Tier: Leah, Eboni, Cindy
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  10. Season Rankings

    Great Seasons: 3-6-8-9-10
    Good Seasons: 2-5-7-11
    Average to Good Seasons: 4-12
    Trash: 13
    Cast Rankings

    GOAT: Ramona, Bethenny, Dorinda, Luann
    Great: Heather, Jill, Sonja, Carole
    Good: Aviva, Alex, Tinsley
    Ironically Great: Kelly
    Meh: Kristen, Jules, Eboni
    I Can't Stand Her so i'm extremely biased: Leah
    Who is this person again?: Cindy
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  11. LuAnn's arc on this show one of the greatest in reality TV history as far as I'm concerned, ranking her anything less than top-tier when she gave us THEE Tom saga is...objectively incorrect.
  12. I mean the whole Countess to party girl to Married woman to felon to Cabaret star... If she wants to rest, she can, considering the way she gave us central storylines who impacted the whole group from season 8 to 11...

    Ramona, Dorinda and Luann are heart of the franchise.
  13. Ultimately, LuAnn has been 'boring' lately because she's gotten her life together after a series of incredibly entertaining but tragic mess, so as a genuine lover of her as a TV personality, I'd rather her life goes well than her relapsing or getting swept up with another Tom.
  14. God-tier: Bethenny, Dorinda, Luann, Ramona, Aviva (Imagine a season with these five??)

    Great: Holla, Sonja, Jill, The Mint.

    Good: Alex, Jules, Kelly.

    Okay: POC Kristen Taekman, Carole.

    Shit: Cindy, Eboni, Leah.
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  15. Well, seeing as everyone got their bussies in a twist over my list, may I suggest that someone step forward and run the official Housewives rate to settle these opinions once and for all.
    Aviva above Sonja... Jules and KRISTEN above Carole...

    ...Not you listing Tinslegend as a GREAT housewife AND above Alex?? No it's all true!!! A secret stan.......
  16. Here's mine…

    God-tier: Bethenny, Dorinda, Ramona, Sonja

    Great: Jill, Luann, Alex, Writer Girl, Aviva

    Good: Kelly, Tinsley, Holla, Sonja's Interns & Facialist

    Shit: Eboni, Leah, Kristen, Jules

    Utter Shite: Cindy, Ageless by Ramona, Skinnygirl Jeans, Tom.
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  17. Aviva is better than Sonja and everyone knows I hate Ghislaine Maxwell's mummified best friend Carole Ratizville!
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  18. wow...
  20. You look a LITTLE MORE SOBER next to Sonja, DON'T YOU???
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