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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Season Rankings
    Great Seasons: 2-3, 5-11
    Good Seasons: 1, 12
    Average to Good Seasons: 4
    Down in the Depths of Beverly Hills' Bad Seasons: 13

    Cast Rankings:
    GOAT: Ramona, Bethenny, Dorinda, Heather
    Great: Alex, Luann, Jill, Sonja, Carole, Tinsley, Kristin, Aviva, Elyse, Bershan
    Good: Jules, Barbara
    Meh: Cindy
    Who???: Eboni, Leah, Jen

    Writing all that out reminds me why this is one of the greatest TV series of all time. It makes S13 all the more brutal.
  2. One can hope Season 14 course corrects and it goes back to its glory. I just can’t see it going that way if Leah stays and/or Ramona and Sonja goes. Dorinda and Bethenny need to return and destroy everyone.
  3. I always forget Jen Gilbert ever existed. I feel like Candace Bushnell being terrorized by Dorinda, Bridie or Lucia asking if it was okay to invite Sonja to Ramona's birthday party made more of an impact than she ever did... legendary behavior, if you ask me.
  4. I don’t know why but I stan Jules and wish she had longer
  5. If we're talking about their iconic moments:episodes ratio, Aviva was top tier and VITAL to bringing the franchise over the line before Dorinda slurred into the picture.

    Sonja has given the same storyline for the past decade.
  6. Cast Rankings:
    Great to Godly (10s): Ramona, Bethenny, Dorinda, Aviva, Luann
    Almost Godly (9+): Alex, Heather, Jill
    High Standard: Elyse, Bershan, Barbara, Amanda Image Consultant, Ray
    Good: Kelly, Jules, Kristin, Tinsley
    Average: Carole
    Subpar to Average: Sonja, Eboni
    Meh: Cindy
    Nil Interest: Leah, Jen
  7. Yes, Yes, Yes
    Find me a more dark-sided trio
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  8. Carole and Sonja below Kristen and Jules!?

  9. Writer girl being so controversial! She was a solid 8
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  10. GOD TIER: Carolegend Godziwell

    Legends In Their Own Right: Non-Woman Supporting Bethenny, Mama Holla

    Good but has their ups and downs: Sonja, Tinseltown, Luann, Kristin, Jill, Dorinda

    Herman Munster Shoes: Alex

    Can’t Really Decide: Leah, Eboni

    I can’t (or I can’t anymore): Aviva, Ramona

    I think the fuck not: Cindy, Jules, Barbara, Kelly
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  11. I mean Aviva also invented "word on the street"
  12. ...Carole is your absolute favorite?? Ever??

    Her storyline was once a vegan cookbook slash romance novel! I'm gonna be sick.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. "You´ve written ONE book. Who do you think you are? John Grisham? What do you think you´re Stephen King?!"
  15. I almost forgot about Elyse. If given her time to shine, she would’ve brought IT.

    A missed opportunity!

    Ramona cockblocked her.
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  16. I totally forgot about Elyse. She seemed so timid until Leah encouraged her, but it was too late.
  17. At least she gave us Duplicitous Nefarious Narcissistic Superficial Bitch™.
  18. Once Leah told her to say something. Elyse literally turns to walk away and is prodded back and into action. I wish Elyse had been less meek towards Ramona. I think she thought they were genuine friends?
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  19. I just realized I forgot Kelly on my ranking. She is below even Eboni and Leah, the absolute worst to ever do it.
  20. Kelly is terrible, I genuinely can't stand her, but her terrorizing the wives on Scary Island and her feud with Bethenny are staples of the franchise.

    Also a shame Leah made Heather walk off the season when we could have had Aviva coming back and haunting Leah.
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