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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. It is giving one of the unwinnable traps that Amanda designed in saw 3 vibes now that you said it.
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  2. I'm sawry. I'm SAWRY! But you have the ordacity to scream at me?
  3. I have finished watching the finale. This season..

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  4. Bethenny the bitchy witch is not coming back y‘all, just accept it. It is very clear that she is done with RHONY.
  5. Dorinda is the chosen one... Let her ascend to the top and destroy anyone below her.
  6. If they don't bring back Dorinda then they've truly lost it.
  7. Meh! I still think Bethenny is gaslighting us and will be back at some point...
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  9. I would be happy if Bethenny never returns but Dorinda must come back.
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  10. Dorinda should be brought back but she wouldn’t have saved this season. She would have been a Leah ally, sucked up to Eboni like no other, and relentlessly have tried to cancel Ramona. The “how” of all of it is probably decently entertaining but it wouldn’t have changed much of the season narrative.

    It’s not like season 12 was all that either so hopefully the producers do a little more than just rehiring Dorinda.
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  11. "I walk into Dorinda's house and I hear Bethenny arguing with a man..."
  12. Yeah, I think Kristin really delivered her first season, and in her second season she had the misfortune of being iced out by Bethenny, which reduced her to nothing that year and is the key cause of her demotion.

    Even in the few moments she had of that season, she still had some good scenes going against Bethenny and I think she seems like a lovely person.
  13. B is deffo gaslighting us. Three failed shows and then as the Singer Stinger predicted Skinnygirl has been making losses since god knows when.

    SHE WILL BE BACK. She’s a fame hungry narcissist and this will keep her relevant and in the spotlight while she flogs tons of shit to sell.
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  14. I'd honestly rather another The Big Shot.
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  15. I just saw a B video on insta where she basically did the most basic and dry salad I have seen in 2 minutes in order to advertise her Skinnygirl dressing and the comments were like „ohh that looks delish, I need to try that out“. Are people really that gullible and easy to impress nowadays? No wonder her ego is so big.
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  16. When I see people praising Kristen:
  17. She has shared her salad "recipes" for years ddd I always watch completely enthralled because I am a Little Mentioner.
  18. WHEW ARE YEW TO GET ME WET. The only relevant thing Kirsten did was get a glass thrown at her by Ramona and this underrated scene happening.
  19. Yup Kirsten was trash. She’s lucky Cindy took the spot from her for the worst NY housewife ever.
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