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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Kristen's husband is nearly as vile as Michael Darby so at least she's memorable for that!
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  2. She was promoting the salad dressing, but barely put any on and then didn’t even bother to mix the salad. It was sad!

    Old school Bethenny was focused on food and she used to actually have good food videos with a healthy twist. Before she got rich I always wanted her to have a food network show with healthy recipes. I think she’s too disconnected from normal people to do it now, but it would likely be her only shot at a successful show.
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  3. Did nobody watch the Unseen Ep?

    The decay in this thread, the other cities stay winning
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  4. LOLOLOL I haven’t seen it, thanks for reminding me sis.
  5. The "So That Happened" a.k.a. extra footage dump episode was actually somewhat fun and entertaining? If they had woven some of the footage of them having fun throughout the season, it may not have been such an absolutely dour mess. Eboni is still awful and Leah is a canker sore but at least it would have given some typical RHONY levity to the mix.
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  6. Reunion shoots two weeks tomorrow.
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  7. Has any franchise ever aired a reunion so long after the finale? I don't understand why they couldn't contractually get the ladies to do it weeks ago.
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  8. That's the big mystery! They'll absolutely have to break the 4th wall and address the issues that happened behind the scenes.
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  9. I think the damage is done, I really do.
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  10. Dallas season 5, which was following a similar season to this. Now it's canceled lol.
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  11. Why are they forcing a reunion on us ? Can’t we just move on?
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  12. Sonja discussed casting for the upcoming season and said if it was up to her, she wouldn’t hire any newbies. Instead, she’d bring back Dorinda, Jill and Tinsley.

    An executive producer who knows what fans want [​IMG]
  13. If they break the fourth wall and sincerely talk about why the season didn’t work, it would be an absolute kii and make the whole mess worth it (maybe)
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  14. I've been to a hardware store today, went by some on sale tiki torches there and realized that I softened on Leah already. I think she'll be fine if she either is a tiny bit humbled for the reunion or she exposes whatever went on behind the scenes that caused this delay.
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  15. Edu


    I'm not even gonna complain about this mess 'cause... Do we actually need a reunion for this season?
    The smart decision is to just move on and focus on Dorinda's comeback the new season so I'm okay with it.
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  16. This is so sad to see RHONY down bad like this! In the end it’s for the best since this season was cursed. The only thing I’d carry over is Bershan.
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  17. Good.

    No point dragging this out any further, it’s embarrassing, this is the show that put Bravo on the map, they need to take a pause and come back strong.
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  18. Scheduling challenges?

    I fear with everyone behind the scenes being so cloak and dagger about what’s actually going on, we may never see RHONY again.
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  19. Jesus Christ.
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