The Real Housewives of New York

Sonja discussed casting for the upcoming season and said if it was up to her, she wouldn’t hire any newbies. Instead, she’d bring back Dorinda, Jill and Tinsley.

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I've been to a hardware store today, went by some on sale tiki torches there and realized that I softened on Leah already. I think she'll be fine if she either is a tiny bit humbled for the reunion or she exposes whatever went on behind the scenes that caused this delay.
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I'm fine with Lu being the last one standing if they do a complete revamp since Bethenny has zero interest in returning again which is a shame cause she's needed more than ever. Lu is entertaining, eccentric and can be a hot mess & serve the goods without the danger of being "cancelled" unlike Ramona where it's becoming more and more of a problem especially if they're aiming to bring in a younger audience.

In order for the revamp to work, they have to start fresh with a whole new dynamic, interesting, youthful cast (besides Lu who can be the sole OG) and really allow the chemistry and relationships to grow and develop.