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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  2. I actually think now is the time for a Jill return. Her and Eboni are friends apparently.

    New housewife

    Kelly Bensimon, Sonja, Jennifer Gilbert (lol)
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  3. Maybe this season was just cursed because it was the 13th.

  4. I miss her so much. She needs to come back

  5. I think 11 is quite good and retrospectively a great finale for the Bethenny years. She is great in it after her disastrous run on s10, Luann’s delusion is at all times high and i feel like this was the season when Tinsley stepped it up. There are a lot of classic moments imho (The party where Bethenny imitates Ramona, i am fucking miserable, You dont touch the morgan letters bleuuurgh, importantimportant, you are a sicko for cabaret, *looks at poster* amazing).

    12 is also good but it felt like a harbinger of the season 13 for me. It is watchable mostly because Dorinda eventhough she is a total asshole throughout the season. Leah is also kind of bearable but i always found her a lot performative, so not too much.
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  6. RHONY 12: THE REVENGE OF DORINDA MEDLEY is a wonderful season and I won’t hear a word against it.
  7. Season 12 also features a scene of LuAnn drunkenly fake crying and slinging a giant 'JOVANI' tote bag over her shoulder as Dorinda chases and verbally abuses her around Bluestone Manor.

  8. Season 12 was messy, but no one will ever come close to Dorinda's performance, she went after everyone, the fact the finale was her final act of terror, such a great closing scene.
  9. I'm so glad you gals are coming around to season 12. It was comedy gold. Sonja randomly saying THAT WAS 17 DIARRHEAS AGO and YEAH THANK YOU THAT I GAVE IT TO YA are iconic moments.
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  10. I still think Series 12 was a bit shit, but I still watched it every week unlike the latest series. Essentially, it was a preview of the disaster to come.
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  11. Series 12 saw a definite decline (I'm sorry skinny deniers) but still maintained the humor and the mess.

    People suggesting a return of Kelly Bensimon in any capacity... worms.
  12. The fall from the perfection of season 10 was just so stark. It began with the multitude of cliffhanger endings during season 11, which broke up the tension and comedy needlessly and then further with 12 and obviously a cliff dive with 13.
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  13. Season 12 peaked early with the trip to Ramona's house in the Hamptons (CINEMA) but I still think she's a gem.

    Also I finally watched the "So... That Happened" special and it was fucking hilarious. The way they cut all the cute and fun moments from the actual season ddd...
  14. I don't envy the position producers are in. It's a sticky spot, because while an easy fix would be bringing back past favorites, if they want the show to be viable for years to come, they need new housewives who the audience can get invested in. It seemed like that had that with Leah in season 12, but... we saw how that went. Bringing back Dorinda and maybe one other past housewife is a no-brainer, but they also need to put in some serious work to cast an exciting new housewife or two that can be part of the series' identity going forward.
  15. Yes! I watched it this week and truly it and the finale were the best two episodes of the seasons.

    2020 was a tough year with a lot of conversations that needed to happen, but cutting out all of the light, funny scenes that RHONY does so well did the season no favors when it came to balancing the tone. It felt like a long, unending, and unfun season because the producers cut out any levity there was to be had.
  16. Agreed. They're in a really tough spot going forward.

    It's a shame with Leah because she was fantastic in season 12. She was so different to the other women but managed to fit in great and forged genuine relationships with the likes of Tinsley and Dorinda. With that said, the first half of season 13 was an utter car crash for her. She really misjudged her popularity and came off looking horrific in her argument with Heather. I personally think she could easily win the audience back if her allies were reintroduced but.. I think she's 100% getting axed. I'll be surprised if she's back and I'd be sad to see her go.

    Eboni's issue was that she was just.. boring. There's no doubt that she raised many important questions while on the show but @theelusivechanteuse summed her up perfectly in the post above: excusing a zionist, awkwardly claiming she felt a sisterhood with Ramona(?) and excluding Bershan were just weird moves. She should be let go but Bravo will bring her back.

    Otherwise, bring the core 3 back. Dorinda's return is only worth it because she's frenemies with Luann and hates Ramona, which is a reason to keep the OG's around. Bring back Tinsley because (surprisingly and my trolling aside) the audience seem to want it and she also has links to Dorinda. Plus, if they do keep Leah, they'll help each other be more interesting.

    Add a newbie to replace Eboni, keep Bershan as a friend (audience loved her, she deserves another shot) and round off the group with one more friend. Andy has said he's aware the audience loved the bigger group (season 7 cast especially) so.. let's hope.

    If it was up to me: Ramona, Luann, Sonja, Dorinda, Tinsley, Leah, Newbie. Bershan and another newbie as friends.
  17. I feel like if any of the core three needs to go, it's absolutely Luann's time. What is she giving at this point, especially if she's friends with Ramona.
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  18. I haven't fully formed this idea, but they need a new Bethenny. Someone younger, scrappy, witty, and endearing. The audience wants to root for someone who comes from less, works hard, and surpasses the other ladies. We want a rags to riches, meritocracy story.

    Leah came close. Like Bethenny, she was somewhat of an outsider but still had legitimate "society" relationships (Tinsley sorta operated like Jill). But she caved to her own hype and let go of the hustle way too early. I also don't know if she's as sympathetic as Bethenny was.

    Personally, I'd dump Eboni because she's whack, Leah because she missed her opportunity, and Lu because she's giving nothing at this point. I'd even be okay with demoting Sonja to Friend Of because she would operate so well in that role, but that'd probably be cutting too many. Sawry but you have to keep Ramona. Then bring back any two of Dorinda, Tinsley, or Bethenny, as well as a young upstart that has a legitimate connection to at least one of the ladies (not necessarily friends, but some history or friend of friend situation). *Edited to add: Oh, and anyone else to flesh out the group to at least 6 women. I agree about giving Bershan another chance. Then one or two other new women I guess.
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  19. Wow, Carole really tanked in season 10. She seems like a completely different person and not in a good way.

    I’m halfway through the second reunion episode and she’s not coming off well here off the back of a bad season either.
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  20. She did held Bethenny accountable like no other though (Bethenny was straight up a nightmare on season 10 in my opinion, all of her worst traits really were amplified during that season).

    Also when are we hosting the second Housewives rate? I'd do it, but I am not exactly a very capable person when it comes to write witty stuff and I have yet to watch a bit more franchises.
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