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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Its a really tough assignment, I don't envy them on this.

    Partly because I feel this situation feels a bit unjust given the brilliant track record of NYC and just how fast the show has ended up in these dire straights. I like all the current cast and still feel the best scenario would be to maybe expand it out rather than cut anyone.

    A Season 7 super sized cast would be an excellent idea.

    However, I feel like the mandate will be that some people are absolutely going to have to go. There will be a desire to be seen to be "fixing" the show in order to turn around the current perceptions. I'll be surprised (but not bothered) if Leah goes - it was only last year she was being touted as the utter golden girl of Bravo and the new lead of the show.

    So quite the fall from grace if she's booted.
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  2. I loved the distant yet engaged Carole we got in season 10. She could just enter a room and she’d be under Bethenny’s skin.
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  3. @JohnnyPanini should host the rate. Give Elyse what she wants.
  4. Edu


    So... Bethenny reached a new low on the new episode of her podcast. Just give it a listen to the first ten minutes. I'd actually rather see DJ Nicole Rosé getting cast on RHONY any day instead of that ignorant clown.
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  5. Yeah… it just gets worse and worse. Like… yikes! Dorinda and Tinsley for the returning Housewives, please.
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  6. What did B Strong say?
  7. She starts the podcast right out the gate being deliberately obtuse about the usage of pronouns, and then goes on a very transphobic story about Bryn's summer camp in which there was a trans girl, or if is it fair for trans people to compete in sports. It's quite infuriating.
  8. The real tea is that seasons 7-11 were legendary because of Dorinda, not Bethenny.
  9. Facts are absolute facts.
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  10. Honestly DJ Nicole Rosé vs Leah actually sounds super compelling and I would watch the shit out of it.
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  11. Carole also gets under my skin just from being onscreen. The worst part of seasons 7-10.
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  12. This reads to me like potential Aviva shade and I will not allow that. What would be the worst part of season 5 and 6 then?!
  13. Trigger warning for Bethenny apologism:

    I listened to Bethenny's podcast and it is extremely ignorant but also literally just an old lady rambling. "My daughter doesn’t know her pronouns and neither do I I know what I think they are but it’s never come up for me." She sounds like a fucking moron but she never actually misgenders the trans child and actually makes some valid-ISH points down the line dd~!

    She ends the segment asking what the audience thinks and doing a roundtable with some of her producers who actually know what they're talking about. I wouldn't expect her to know what she's talking about here and she's more or less extending an invitation for herself to become educated. She literally does not know what a pronoun is.

    tl;dr y'all continue to do too much on her. Turn off the podcast.
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  14. Having never seen any episode of any ‘housewives’ show, after a bit of research I am Starting with series three of New York. Am I in for a ride?
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  15. Right across the Brooklyn Bridge
  16. It sounds good/looks good on paper but I'm sure it'd be duller than Leah in season 13. There's only one person who could bring some heat back to RHONY...
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  17. So... she is an absolute fucking moron?
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  18. Bethenny not knowing what a pronoun is and yet Sonja does...
    You must be a SkinnyGirl™ and not a WriterGirl™.
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  19. 70% of New Yorkers are probably just as ignorant nn.
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  20. My question is when do we get to hear Ramona talk about pronouns on her own podcast??
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