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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. She shut down Dorinda, so she has it in her, but I'm not seeing Tinsley in that role. She's light relief, really.
  2. Tinsley freezing her dog in season 11 >> the whole season 13

    We need the dog freezing chanteuse to return [​IMG]

  3. I’m obsessed she’s serving MPG
  4. They seem to have the same energy. We all know Sonja will try and wear this dress next season like she did with those shorts in season 10.

  5. I’m devastated by this news! Coco was one of my favorite cast members. May Coco Singer Rest In Peace!
  6. She's going to the billiards in the sky.
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  7. RIP ancient legend xx
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  8. "Is Coco still alive?"
    Sonja really wished her to her grave at the start of S12
  9. RIP Coco. An actual icon of RHONY. Shitting on Dorinda's rugs for 6 years. Queen shit.
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  10. Wow. RIP legend!!!
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  11. RIP Coco Mazur-Singer!!!!
  12. “And to my owner, Ramona Mazur-Singer…

  13. I randomly watched the s12 Berkshires episodes and Dorinda drunkingly skipping in singing Feeling Jovani whilst Luann is already leaving after being mauled by her… pure serotonin.

    We can get back to this place, I know we can.
  14. When it comes to this delayed RHONY season, I wonder if Ultimate Girls Trip is being used as an audition for Jill and Dorinda and I wonder how they did in regards to that. It's a shame we likely have such a long wait for it since they haven't even gotten season one out. I'm curious which Dorinda we will get, just enough or too much like her final season.
  15. I'm listening to Shangela on Bethenny's podcast and I feel like I'm in an alternate dimension.
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  16. Eboni was a guest co-host on The View today and discussed her casting, but with no Housewives stans on this panel, we didn't get any questions about her returning or the reunion that never happened.

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  17. This is why we need her back
  18. .... Was there truly anyone who thought that the entire scene was not set up in one way or another by Ms SkinnyGirl? Ddd
  19. The entire scene is set up from start to finish without an ounce of discreetness. That's what our god-tier housewives do.

    Writer Girl and the Incontinent Maven can stay pressed.
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