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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Had the statement come from someone else (i.e., someone equally wild recounting their times together), I'd disagree. Unfortunately Heather's not that girl, so it's clearly condescending and low.
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  2. Bethenny is doing a multiple part series on her podcast going deep on RHONY and her related financials. Lots of interesting stuff, the first part is out today and covers her initial run on the show.
  3. I'm listening now and it's pretty fascinating.
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  4. I saw that on my Podcast app and was hoping one of you girls could confirm whether it was worth a listen! Diving in as well.
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  5. Oooh, perched for the Skinnypodcast.

    And hmm yes it's kind of harsh for Holla to lay Sonja's dirt out there but in the same book Ms. Morgan calls Leah and her sister too trashy to be associated with... Also, Holla's hubby was very open about his desire to have a threesome and as much as Sonja wouldn't be my choice if I were him, it's not like the cast was swimming with any other sexually liberated ladies! I'd be their third any day.
  6. I am rewatching the St. Barths trip and Aviva immediately going 11 and dropping catchphrase after catchphrase is so iconic. How did they let her go so easily?
  7. Ramona honestly, for the only time in the show, did not know what to do
  8. Re: The Podcast.

    Okay first of all Bethenny's lies are...there. I do not buy that The Big Shot! With Bethenny was always intended only to be one season. She contradicts herself by saying she only had to hire one person but then mentions that producers told her people only want to see her engage in the Housewives "world."

    However, she is articulate and entertaining when discussing her beginning on the show. She's talking about the concept of the "question mark character" in the Housewives cast chemistry is so interesting. It's essentially the unpredictable yet relatable cast member that everyone wants to "wait and see" what they do next. I definitely do buy it as a Housewives archetype, as Ashley Darby, Tamra, Nene and Danielle (in the beginning), and recently Jennifer Ayden all fit that type.
  9. Her second season clearly shows why they dropped her. Iced out by most of the housewives after being incredibly difficult to work with as she couldn't go anywhere without Reid and then she threw her leg. Where can you go from there? It became over-produced drama.
  10. Ramona was traumatised by Aviva.

  11. "I'm holding up a mirror to you and you can't stand the truth"

    Aviva serving Brooklyn Bridgemona energy in this is a franchise peak moment
  12. The pot of tea takedown of Ramona is the only time I’ve seen the Singer Stinger shooketh.
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  13. Japanese bonus clip

    I loveee seasons 5 and 6. Sonja going on a tangent about the dog cracks me up and Carole was on her A game confessional wise.
  14. Aviva when she asks Carole if she wants A BOwL oF PAsTa?!?
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  15. ''I think someone would trade a part of their body to live this life'', Ramona is truly beyond all the times.

    Aviva really shook Ramona in season 5, she really rattled her.
  16. The title card for this video is absolutely sending me.
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  17. Edu


    This is killing me. Lu securing her long-awaited Broadway debut as Carlotta in Phantom Of The Opera!
  18. "He gets embarrassed?"
  19. Honestly the shake up cast RHONY did from Season 4 to Season 5 is no doubt the best they did in all the franchises, for all of their faults Heather, Aviva and Carole (Carole did, but you get my point) could have stuck for much longer because they really did provide us a lot of memorable moments, all extremely great Housewives material quite honestly. I do agree that show really hits its stride from season 7 to season 11, mostly because of Dorinda, that is one of the few Housewives, if not the only one, that feels like an OG one for the content she delivered from day one, but those three really deserves much more praise for the way they carried those two seasons bringing such different perspectives and dynamics through and through.
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