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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Josh Flagg! Another super rich Bravolebrity who is on Million Dollar Listing.
  2. The fact that a crew member also complained about Ramona being racist isn't a good look (not that it's the least bit surprising). I feel like the network will be worried about axing Eboni for the optics of firing someone after allegations about racism from another cast member.
  3. Yikes. On one hand I wanna say this doesn't look good for Ramona if a cast member and crew member have separately complained about her being racist but on the other... it's Bravo.

    I think we'll either see Ramona or Eboni be let go and right now, I can see it being the former.
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  4. What kind of alternate universe????
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  5. Yikes indeed, but not that surprising. I guess it isn't surprising that Leah sided with the other women either.
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  6. Not excusing Ramona, but I find the investigation funny since she's made racially motivated comments on camera.
  7. If Ramona was “cleared” through investigation Bravo can’t fire her on these grounds so lets be honest, they wont.
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  8. I feel like that was just another tactic from Eboni to secure her spot for next season. I don’t trust anything she says after all the holes that have popped up in her stories. She knows she didn’t fit, which is why she tried to ice out Bershan. If Eboni were white a second season wouldn’t be on the table. This secured her spot, along with Ramona (which goes along with the casting rumors I’ve heard for next season). But I don’t see how anybody will want to film with Eboni.
  9. Eboni isn't the only one who complained about Ramona's racist comments, so do you think the crew member who said something to Bravo first is a liar, too? Also, as others have pointed out, we've literally seen Ramona make racist remarks on-camera, so God only knows how she talks behind the scenes. The idea of the ladies not wanting to film with her because she took them to task on their racist bullshit is... probably true, but also gross, and a major issue.
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  10. The victim-blaming tone of this article is not cute and screams that the story was planted by Bravo. The fact that Ramona has been overtly racist on what we saw on camera, not to mention what was left on the cutting room floor...Bravo is protecting her.

    I still hate Eboni because she's a boring Republican.

    I can understand why they are at a standstill with RHONY. If they fire Eboni it will look poor for the network. If they don't, there's no sweeping this under the rug.

    They need another major revamp.
  11. I'm still not convinced we'll see New York return.
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  12. Bring back Bethenny, Dorinda, Jill, Tinsley, and three newbies. Then you have an incredible show.
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  13. BTG


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  14. This. There are plenty of reasons not to be a fan of Eboni, but I don't like the angle here. The fact that there were multiple complaints about Ramona's behavior (in addition to what we've seen ourselves) but people are still trying to shame Eboni or claim she made it up for attention/to keep her gig is just not it.

    If they were able to pull off a reboot like this, it'd truly be their best option at this point. Ditching the entire current lineup but bringing back a mix of the right returnees + some new housewives would be their best bet at brushing season 13 under the rug. I don't think Bethenny would come back (yet), though. Plus, I feel like Tinsley's inevitable return is going to be tied to Leah since they're good friends. I feel like they could do Dorinda, Jill, Leah, Tinsley, 2-3 new girls, and have Sonja appear as a friend of.
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  15. No more Leah. Especially now that it is clear this is why she ditched Eboni.

    The total revamp feels like it is the only option. I would like to see Bershan as well though.
  16. I think this is the first time where it’s impossible to call what will happen with the cast going forward. This group has cursed energy, I can’t explain it.
  17. I've finally reached episode 17 of season 5 and this Ramona x Aviva brunch is exceeding expectations. "You know what, you have a very nice life. And I think some women would... and I don't wanna say this in a negative way, but some women would trade a part of their body to, like... in this economy! to feed their children!" dfjsdgkfblv
  18. Id have to have more of an idea of what the crew member accused her of to make a full judgement. Bravo has shown they’ll air racist comments and fire HWs/talent if they need to. Also firing Ramona would clear up a huge amount of budget so if there was reason I feel they would.

    But it doesn’t change the fact that I don’t believe or trust anything Eboni says. I say this as a Black person who is all about the equality of my people. Eboni came on this show with a clear agenda to cause the girls to do things so they could be canceled, which would win her favor with fans and secure her spot. I’m convinced of that.

    I feel like what Eboni did is insulting to Black people. To act like it’s racist to complain she’s late “because it takes longer for Black women to do their hair” is making a mockery of Black struggle. Having the women sit down and read books about Black history at dinner parties then acting surprised when they aren’t engaged. This is clown behavior, is not entertaining and even if Eboni were on an all Black franchise she wouldn’t have been successful.

    This is a Black Republican posing as a woke BLM advocate to get ahead. That’s why she’s currently auditioning to replace Meghan McCain on The View! That’s why she cites her and Tomi Lauren as friends. This is a woman who just did an interview laughing when her co-host called Bershan a house n-word. Eboni is playing games with us and it’s a shame because I don’t see a way forward with her.

    Now I do also think Ramona, Sonja and Luann have things to work on when it comes to race, but I don’t think Eboni allowed them to sit back and dig their graves the way she should. The exception being Luann. It was obvious Ramona and Sonja were acutely aware of what people were looking for and tried to avoid it as much as possible.
  19. I' mad at the production company, really, for ruining what was once the greatest comedy on television. At least Potomac appears to be taking its mantle, quality-wise. However, nothing will ever beat MENTION IT ALL fight. There's just so much HISTORY there.
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