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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

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  2. I knew the guy who made this in real life (He was also on Big Brother) and he is...100% not a good person.
  3. Sums it up quite neatly. I miss her!
    Also LMAO that moment where she has that exchange with drunk Dorinda and they walk off then Ramona comes into the bathroom trying to do some sort of buffoonery to diffuse the situation and Heather’s like “you’re about to piss me off Ramona LEAVE NOW!”
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  5. Re-watching Season 6 (I only ever saw it once and missed the first few episodes) but wow, wig at Carole tearing Aviva's head off at her own housewarming party, branding her a liar, a psycho path and grabbing her face. Amazing.

    edit: then telling her husband that she's not a nice person and saying to Harry that she understands why he divorced her, screaminggg.
  6. Double post but I also missed the "motherfucker!!!" argument apart from seeing a clip or two. Heather is amazing, the way she handled Aviva's messy friend then skulldragged Aviva herself to hell and back. They really should've kept hold of her for another season atleast.
  7. Luann comparing Dorinda to her parole officer in the season 11 trailer...whew we love the franchise protagonist.

  8. Really, Bethenny?!
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  9. Rewatching season 6 right now and I’m still confused by the “big trip” being Montana. Don’t get me wrong, It’s a beautiful place but it just seems so bland next to all the previous trips they’ve done. Was this so that they could bring Luanne since she was just a “Friend of” for the season or was it because they thought they were going to get Aviva to go?

    It just seems so strange to me.
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  10. I've just finished the Montana episodes also! A flop trip, Kristen is unberable although her husband, hmm..

    Season 6 ranks worse than 5 for me, it's a very odd one. Luann demoted to recurring role but in more episodes than Aviva, the latter trying her hardest to reign it in after a disaster of a first season and.. being mostly boring. Kristen being a rubbish edition to the franchise, Ramonja feeling off all season.

    Bethenny being reintroduced and bringing back Luann on a full time basis was the best thing they did for the show.
  11. Edu


    This is the type of investigative journalism that I love.
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  12. *Ramona blue fitness outfit
    Put some respect on her name!
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  13. I'm surprised Bethenny has stayed as long as she has. I wonder if she plans to leave anytime soon.
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  14. I don't know but I can't stop quoting "cAbAreT CaBaReT CABARET!!! LIFE IS NOT A FUCKING CABARET!!!!!"
  15. If she would have stayed one more season and continued with her "burn it all down" mode she was in at the season 10 reunion, we would've had a whole season of her like this. It would've been incredible.
  16. Season 10’s on Hulu!!!! I know what I’m binging this weekend
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  17. I wonder who our "villain" will be for Season 11? It was kind of iconic not really having one for Season 10 as they were all the villain Ddddd.
  18. It seems like either Luann or Dorinda, but with this cast they can be villains for an episode and forgiven the next!
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