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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Because she never wanted to be a part of Tipsy Girl
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  2. Didn’t Carole throw the name “Bluestone Manor” while she was on the show for Dorinda’s drinks?

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  3. It was for the name of the house. Then Ramona tried to claim it as her own idea but then one upped it and blurted out the awful idea “Blue Stone Manor House”…
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  4. Ahh thanks for clearing it up.
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  5. It’s a great name. I miss Dorinda…
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  7. Dorinda really became RHONY and without her the show has lost its sense of heart and soul. Luann voice that's called heart and soul, baby.

    Also I'm watching the Berkshires Christmas episodes from season 10 and its weirdly soothing to me in spite of the chaos.
  8. Edu


    Only my mom Dorinda has the power to convince me that this cursed combination of hot dog with a tropical fruit drink could actually taste good.
  9. I need a reboot of RHONY with Dorinda leading the series. It's the only way to move forward. I'll take Sonja and maybe Luann as "Friends Of"... Ramona too if she's used as a verbal punching bag for Dorinda to obliterate all season.
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  10. A Dorinda and Jill reboot has my vote. You know Jill’s digs won’t fly with Dorinda.
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  11. Dorinda and Jill return aided by Sonja and Luann. Add in three newbies and that's what I call a reboot.
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  12. Dorinda, Skinnygirl, Jill, Tinsley, Sonja and Lu. In that order of importance. Ah, that's history!
  13. Me leaving the "Luann must return for season 14" committee pretending that I didn't spend years dragging her personality in this very thread.
    All-Stars made her so likeable teebs (though I'd argue she has been since season 12).
  14. Luann works best as an antihero (seasons 7 and 10) or a villain (seasons 3, 8, 9 and 11) though.

    I'm not totally digging her Lady-Gaga-in-A-Star-Is-Born likeable-and-beautiful era but I always have love for Lu.
  15. I still stand by my opinion, Dorinda is 50 animal crossing villager and 50 Silent Hill final boss.

    Legit my favourite Housewives ever, she ticks all boxes and for every questionable and raging moment, you have a moving or wholesome moment with her.
  16. I have a friend who can’t stand Dorinda and it boggles my mind. Why? How? What?! I’m afraid to ask who his favorite housewife is and he says someone like Jules or Cindy.
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  17. [​IMG]
  18. The brainworms are incurable for this one, I am afraid.
  19. It doesn’t get better… his favorite housewife last season was Eboni. Though his all time favorite RHONY housewife is Bethenny…
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  20. Bethenny and Dorinda are MVPs of this franchise. Ramona, Luann, Sonja etc served storylines and big moments but their narration and ability to be a soundboard for the audience were unmatched and what lacked in this recent season. Sawry!
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