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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Ramona was a huge tent-pole for the franchise for a long time too, but her downfall has been... sad yet deserved.
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  2. The bf and I have finally reached S7 of RHONY this week. We are on episode 4 and I love Dorinda already. I’ve seen most iconic moments on YouTube already but I’m still excited to witness her full journey from now on.
  3. I am ambivalent towards Ramona, I am not sure how the show would fare without her, yet in the last two/three seasons I feel she reached her course.

    I feel RHONY is similar to Melbourne, meaning that the core five (Dorinda, Bethenny, Sonja, Ramona and Luann/Gina, Janet, Lydia, Jackie and Gamble) all have such a great dynamic and they just naturally bring it when they are together, that taking one or two out of the equation sort of fucks up the whole thing
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  4. Ramona is my favorite NY housewife of all time, but we got 13 seasons out of her and she's 65. I'm not a big fan of adding women in their 20s-30s, but at Ramona's age I do think it's reasonable to add some women in their 40s to the cast. She had her day, but it's time for her to go.
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  5. I think Ramona still has plenty of life in her as a supporting character. The only problem is a whole season of the Ramona show is unsustainable. That's just so much unbridled chaos that will eventually collapse onto itself. Ramona showed up to work in season thirteen but it was a problem because no one else really got on the clock and stayed on the clock. The Ramonacoaster was the only ride running in the RHONY amusement park and going on the same ride over and over again will make you sick eventually.

    She's always functioned best as social pinball who can bounce around and create smaller moments of havoc within a larger cast and larger fights and storylines. RHUGT is already proving that (even with Teresa, Melissa, and Kyle mostly just there to collect their checks and enjoy the weather). The good news is this creates an easy fix for the show. Just hire more women! No more small casts! Fixing the show honestly doesn't even require firing anyone, though I'm not always opposed to that. I am opposed, however, to firing people who almost always contribute to the creation of the zany reality television shenanigans I watch the show for. These shows are almost never improved by subtraction.
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  6. Heather says she heard Ramona make the “This is why we shouldn’t have black women on our show comment” at Eboni’s Black Shabbat event.

    No surprise here, she also claims Bravo lied about conducting any kind of investigation into Ramona/the incident because Heather says she called the network to be a witness and never heard back nor did she hear about any racial sensitivity training ever take place.
  7. I find it more disturbing that Bravo allegedly did nothing in terms of an investigation/racial sensitivity training (nn, the Camila of it all). I'd be surprised if Ramona returned after this. The show can easily live on without her but they need to bring in an A-Lister or two to make up for her absence (Dorinda and Jill).
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  8. They need to bring two big heavy hitters back and make the cast bigger than it was in season 13. It’s not a series that can live on only 5 housewives.
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  9. It was season 7. The girls knew that they had to deliver. They saw what had happened to Aviva when she was left desperately throwing her leg as a last-ditch effort to save her job. It was an iconic moment but she had not been consistent; abandoning her post to play with asthma devices and taunt Carole. Even though the prosthetic leg had permeated every publication related to the D-list, it was not enough to maintain her golden apple.

    Again, they knew they had to deliver. Luann had been demoted last season, despite being a franchise stalwart. No one was safe from the cross-eyed homosexual's ire.

    And there were eight of them. One of them was a beloved icon returning to the show after a three-season absence. They knew she would be guaranteed camera time. Bravo obviously relished having the Skinnygirl mogul back on their payroll. Her spin-off show had consistently gotten solid ratings as well.

    That meant the remaining seven of them were hungry. They were desperate for the camera and they would do anything to get it. Even go get a dead husband's remains. Or pee on the side of the road. Or drunkenly scream.

    They would even go to Atlantic City.

    The resulting season was palpable with desperate, pained cries for attention. Vascular hands clinging to Bethenny Frankel for acknowledgement and attention. Sanity was at a breaking point. Incoherent storylines made up on the spot, including haphazard cries about wayward, naked island men, were made up on the spot.

    Some died that year.
  10. My boyfriend and I watched the finale to season 8 last night (we watched season 12 a few months ago, then decided to get a Hayu account and begin at season 1, and haven't stopped since). I can't possibly fathom the show getting any better than this episode (although I said that after the Berkshires trip, and look what happened!), but I have seen from scrolling through this thread from time to time that seasons 9 and 10 are also excellent and can only presume Luann's wedding and the ensuing catastrophe will be entertaining. Anyway, if the franchise does peak here I'm okay with it. Luann dictating her text messages while Ramona moved from room to room in her rollers and Sonja nonchalantly declared "I told you so" to no one in particular was breathtaking, and it was such a thrill seeing the source material for all the best Bethenny gifs including her trembling with the glass of Skinnygirl margarita...Put it all in the Criterion Collection!
  11. I’m still on the fence about Ramona. They either need to fire her or get someone to cut her down and usher her out (Bethenny, Dorinda, some new girl with capability).
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  12. I stand behind my point: Ramona comes back… only to be a verbal punching bag that Dorinda destroys every single episode. You know Dorinda has been training every day since she left the series to take down Ms Singer.
  13. Many of us on here consider season 10 to be the show's peak so you have a lot to still be excited about! 9 and 10 are both amazing.
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  14. This is what i think as well. A big part of what makes watching her ok in UGT, several people are there to read her and confront her brilliantly. If that does not happen in s14, then there is no point of bringing her back.
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  15. Yeah reason #424153121421 Eboni flopped is because she was desperately trying to be cool with Ramona and Sonja yet had no time for the actual decent cast members (Holla/Bershan). I get why she didn't want to come in hot off the bat but she spent the whole season talking about race (which was the right thing!) but not confronting the most racist woman on the cast.
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  16. Yasss writer girl!
  17. This is the last straw, I want Leah OUT.

  18. I think the racism scandal is a step too far for Ramona. I understand many of our favourite housewives are absolute horrors as people and possess views that don't align with our own but... there has to be a line drawn at some point. Ramona's not even hiding her racism anymore and we as the audience have to expect better from both the network and respective cast members.

    It's 2021, she has to go.
  19. I hate Leah so much.
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  20. The way we were denied such campery.
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