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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. I don't know how to say this but Leah is the worst human being on planet earth.
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  2. The way we could have Heather, Aviva and Dorinda back if Bravo played their cards right.

    I feel like Carole and Bethenny would return too for the right price.
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  3. Carole describing the scene she envisioned with Heather sitting at the table waiting and then them cutting to a close-up of Aviva’s legs walking in with the same shoes from the leg-toss…when is she replacing Andy as executive producer?
  4. Bethenny, Dorinda and Carole understand how to make good TV. Ramona thinks it just happens.
  5. Tbh, I’m shocked nobody has picked her up to produce something. She’s literally an Emmy winning producer! I was salivating listening to that podcast and hearing how astute her ideas were.
  6. Carole has burned her bridge with Bravo, set fire to the remains, and then scooped the ashes into the vast and expansive ocean. They are 100% done with her. Her endless obsession about the show ever since puts the power of Jill's thirst to shame. I think she's a bit TEW deranged now, based on her constant ranting, to be good television. My dream team to return to save the show is still Dorinda, Bethenny, Jill, and Tinsley. Heather was very cringey during her return this past season and I think her time is just done.
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  7. For fuck sake, Leah.
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  8. The fact production were out for her the minute she dropped out, and didn't even dignify Heather with a return scene.
  9. The way Ultimate Girls trip might be the lifeline RHONY needs...I can see Dorinda and Jill carrying season 2 and peaking new interest in the show.
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  10. Agree with both of these points. It's a shame Carole has morphed into the opposite of who she was on the show. I liked that she was a downtown girl who delivered funny confessionals, served quirky fashion choices and was always amused by the madness that surrounded her which in response she gave a great rolling commentary. Her nonchalant and laid back style surprisingly complimented the group's range of extreme type A personalities. Now it's like she lives to be the "eDgY" and "OuTsPOkeN" social media character who talks about the show and Andy non-stop in a Karen-like fashion.

    Heather has sunk to the similar depths where she's made it her life's work to piss away all remaining goodwill by appearing on any podcast with a hundred followers to complain about the 5 minutes she filmed with the girls. The thing is, both women have made some interesting and completely correct critique's about their time on RHONY but they've seemingly become more bitter as time has passed. They should've left it at the original podcast they did which was genuinely hilarious and felt like two old friends reminiscing about a crazy experience they shared together. Carole's idea about Aviva's return would've been television gold but I agree, the door is closed.
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  11. Dorinda & Jill returning to lead a season together is literally what gay dreams are made of. If Bravo isn't already trying to court them both, they're absolute fools. ESPECIALLY if they're determined to keep Ramona around, we need Dorinda and Jill to be there to cut her down at every opportunity.

    Given how close Tinsley + Leah seem to be now, and the fact that Dorinda and Tinsley haven't made up, I wonder if Tinsley would agree to return if Dorinda is there and Leah isn't.
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  12. What are the odds they bump up airing UGT Season 2 to test drive audience reception to Dorinda and Jill? I thought last we heard it wasn't slated to air until September 2022 which seems particularly foolish especially if the intention is to also test Tamra again for OC17.
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  13. There has to be something (or someone) blocking Jill returning. To my knowledge, every major, impactful OG has been asked to return after their initial exit. Whether that's full-time or as a friend. Jill's the only heavy weight that's has been denied a return beyond guest appearances. Andy has said for years that there's one person he'd never welcome back and I have to assume it's her.

    With that said, rumour has it that Andy doesn't have as much power over at Bravo anymore and Jill coming back for All-Stars could be a sign that the door's been unlocked.
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  14. Jill did film a lot more for season 11 though, albeit a lot of it was cut, and Luann even prematurely announced her part of the cast on instagram. So, I don’t think productions is dead against her return.

    Andy recently played a game on WWHL with the RHUGT cast where they had to say if they considered the list of Housewives he gave them to be an all star or not. Jill, along with LVP, was the only one to get a unanimous all star vote. Queen.
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  15. Jill's appearance during season 12 remains iconic and she looked BEAUTIFUL. Ready for her and Luann to team up against Aging and Death.
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  16. Oh yes, lest we forget it was Dorinda who kabooshed Jill filming more in S12, not production.

    That’s going to be such a thrill to see Jill drive up to Blue Stone Manor and Dorinda finally letting her in through gritted teeth. I hope they kept the cast a secret from Dorinda and she just finds out as they turn up.
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  17. It makes me legitimately angry that we had multiple cut scenes with Jill a few seasons ago. The fans love continuity/returning faces. The Beverly Hills girls always understood this despite their many failings.
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  18. I don't remember exactly but the recent book confirmed the old rumors - Jill was a nightmare and drove production crazy, that's why they won't have her back.
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  19. Jill is also on Andy’s bad side. She had that WWHL special interview with him and she secretly recorded the entire thing and uploaded it online after the show aired to “put the real truth out there”.
  20. Yeah but he's had her on WWHL since and defended her when Bethenny went to Bobby's funeral. He seems to speak well of her now so I think it's water under the bridge.
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