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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. I've watched so much of this show that I, as a non native English speaker, have been pronouncing words like "party" and "daughter" in a New York accent (pworty and dworter), as well as some specific mannerisms. I work as an ESL teacher and lately I've found that more than a couple students of mine are going around talking as if they were Ramona. I feel proud of myself.

    In other news, the méthode alternative that I was using to watch this has a low number of seeds for season 6. I've watched three episodes, but the fourth one (Holla in the Hamptons) won't load, as well as most of the ones after it.
    What I want to know is - is it too bad if I skip to season 7? It's been weeks I haven't watch this and I... I miss these women. I know season 6 has Aviva's leg removal moment but I've watched that a million times on YouTube before I started watching the show.
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  2. Holla in the Hamptons is... legendaric and the Berkshires trip to Holla's home is hysterical/the source of Kristin's most iconic moment. The Montana trip isn't up there with some of NY's historic trips but there are lots of laughs to be had.

    Come to think of it, the Saratoga episode is pretty great too. I would not recommend skipping it but I assume others will say it's a lull season.
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  3. Season 6 is amazing imho. It feels very much like a sitcom.
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  4. I have few ESL students and my god I cannot imagine if they were talking like RAMONA.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. For our in memoriam segment this year, I would like to get the pinot ready and reflect on the career of Ramona Mazura [sic] Singer, who passed away this year from being horrible.

    Let us remember when she argued with a legally blind person about who had more difficulty seeing, called Luann a "weekend mom" in her own home, insulted a dead man in front of his widow, stole Cindy's coat hangers, verbally abused Bethenny on the Brooklyn bridge, insulted Simon & Alex's whole entire life, ruined Jill Zarin's endorsement deal with Kodak, called Kelly the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, called Jill's step-daughter "disfigured," threw a wine glass at Kristin, creepily whispered an apology to Bethenny a few minutes before telling her she only got where she is because she "fucked," wore her hair like a radish, verbally abused Bethenny AGAIN while letting Coco walk in the street, was bequeathed nothing, insulted a sexual abuse victim by laughing in her face and getting her name wrong, shit on the floor, didn't wear masks in the ocean,

    and finally,


    She is survived by her great-great grand-aunt Avery.
  8. In an interesting turn of events, Bethenny recently stated on her podcast that she would be open to a RHONY return if certain conditions were met. She said that current show is “inauthentic” and would want it to change gears so that it wasn’t so, to paraphrase.

    Getting Bethenny back would be a real steal but honestly.. I’d much rather Jill return, sawry!
  9. I imagine that any change Bethenny would want to make would be disastrous and terrible.
  10. I want Dorinda back along with Jill. Bethenny would be welcome but only of the previous two came back and we all know Bethenny doesn't want to be in the same room with Jill ever again. She only will do it when it looks good on camera. Leah can immediately leave... do not pass go, do not collect $200, etc.
  11. I don't think Bethenny is wanted or needed for New York.
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  12. As a Stanthenny, I will always want her back. I think she wants way more control over the show though and I can't see Bravo/production giving her that. It would probably be a disaster if that happened.
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  13. Yeah even as a Little Chemically Tasting Margarita Mix myself, her perspective on reality television is very dour, self-righteous and boring. I just want to see her decimate her co-stars and verbally vomit at them.
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  14. Well i want and need her on the show. Sawry!
  15. I want B back! YATH.
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  16. Lana Del Rey <3
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  17. I saw that Bethenny had said that, and that Jill said NY could not survive with Ramona, Luann or Jill herself.

    If Bethenny, Dorinda and Jill could ever return at the same time then I hate to say it but Ramona should stay.
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  18. Not when she delivered us The Big Shot.
  19. Yeah exactly! And why are we doubting the woman who masterminded “Please dont let it be about Tom” moment and gave plenty of iconic quotes? Especially after whatever season 13 was supposed to be?
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