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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Bethenny is the original executive producer on the Housewives series and knows exactly what to bring/what people are watching for. She'd very much be a welcome addition if they brought back both Dorinda and Jill, her playing 'voice of reason' (and continuing to fight with Luann at every turn) will be exactly the back to basics RHONY needs.
  2. Realistically I'd take any of them, but Bethenny is the soul of RHONY.
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  3. Wait, did Jill actually move into Ramona’s building?
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  4. Jill doing anything and everything to secure ha return, we love to see it!
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  5. That looks identical to Ramona’s place. Bring Jill back Andy/Bravo!
  6. I'm so curious to find out what they're going to do with this cast, when/how they'll announce who's leaving and who's returning (will it be a press release to Variety a la RHOC?) and when it'll eventually be back on our screens.
  7. I’d be here for Jill returning and Ramona being booted, with scratching and clawing at Jill’s apartment door from Ramona to desperately return.
  8. Apparently Andy has said that Jill was the most difficult housewife he ever had to deal with. I think All Stars is the closest we'll get to seeing her on Bravo, unfortunately.
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  9. Honestly I'd be here for a cast of Dorinda // Jill or (and) Bethenny // Tinsley // Luann + three new wives (two of them connected with some of the women already and old wildcard).
    There is nothing else for Sonja or Ramona can give to the show at this point so just give it another mass culling like S5.
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  10. Luann allegedly walked into a restaurant this week, claiming she needed "refuge" from the paparazzi due to being a celebrity, ran up a $700 bill that she walked out on without paying and also didn't tip the server.

    We need Bethenny back!
  11. Ddd this happened in DC and my friend saw everything
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  12. My dream season 14 cast would be Ramona, Dorinda, Sonja, Bershan, 2 newbies and Luann back as a friend (with a possibility of being full-time if she delivers something). I still think Ramona is essential and I missed Dorinda a lot during last season. Bershan deserves a proper chance to shine, she was a highlight from last season even though she was only introduced midseason and Eboni tried to exclude her.

    Also, hi! Dipping my toe back into the housewives threads after taking a season off. In the words of She by Sheree "Don't call it a comeback, call it a takeover".
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  13. So glad to have you back! Our feuds were iconic.
  14. So that LuAnn story is only getting worse.

    She had a cabaret show the same night and cancelled it 20 minutes before it was to begin, due to “illness”. Allegedly she was a drunken mess backstage, to which then she went out and the dine and dash happened.

    This is all happening as there is a credible rumor that the only cast member returning to RHONY next season is Sonja.

    I am starting to believe it, as LuAnn losing her main source of income and potentially killing her cabaret show tours in the process would probably drive her to have this type of meltdown.
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  15. Edu


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  16. YOU'RE A SICKO!!!!! for cabaret.
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  17. Ok but this is even more reason to bring Luann back!! Her and Sonja must stay.
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  18. Honestly if Luann is going to start drinking again on camera then we really don’t need Ramona.
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  19. I know we hate Ramona the most right now (fair) but I actually think Luann had an even worse season than the former. As problematic and vile as she was, Ramona was driving most storylines (if you could call them that). Luann was at her most unlikable at the lunch she threw Eboni out of, and then spent the whole season disengaged and on her "sober" high horse.

    It was my least favorite season of NY to date, but realistically the ranking of performance from the women was:
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  20. Edu

    That night, a Real Housewife of New York by the name of Luann de Lesseps was having dinner at Le Diplomate, the Stephen Starr brasserie on 14th Street. President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have stopped for lunch there. CNN correspondents treat the place like their cafeteria. It’s constantly teeming with the capital’s thirstiest climbers. The Countess, as de Lesseps is apparently known, was in D.C. for her traveling Christmas cabaret show. She and her posse stopped in at Le Dip, as Washingtonians call it; ordered a seafood tower and copious amounts of Grey Goose; racked up a tab of over $500; and then, according to eyewitnesses, did something that even the griftiest of pols wouldn’t dare: They bounced. No tip, no nothing.
    “They said they were going to smoke a cigarette, and that’s what they told their server, but they had taken all their stuff with them and they just left,” says Brandy Blasko, a 39-year-old professor of criminal justice who was seated in the same section as de Lesseps. “We had been talking to her server throughout the night — he was being so attentive to them — there weren’t too many people left in the restaurant at this point, so we saw everything,” says Blasko. “We were there for another hour or so and she never came back.” Blasko says the manager and server were gobsmacked. A different member of the wait staff who worked that night says, “The server didn’t know what happened. It had to get comped … It affects our tips, and he probably lost money because of that.”
    Reached by phone, Starr would neither confirm nor deny. De Lesseps passed along this statement: “I enjoyed a beautiful dinner after my sold-out show at a great restaurant, with my team, and there was an unfortunate misunderstanding which was resolved immediately and ‘All I Wanted for Christmas?’ was a seafood tower.” (By “immediately,” she means Monday — after my initial call to her publicist — per a copy of the receipt that was shared with me. She ultimately tipped 22 percent.)
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