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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

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  3. If you and I weren’t already jumping ship after the last season, well...
  4. Casting rumors are heating up. Hopefully we get news in January and they start filming.

    Dorinda would be the returning housewife with Luann, Ramona and Sonja returning. There would be 3 newbies. The person who posted this said Bershan is still in the mix as an option but not confirmed.
  5. With the racism accusations, and the reunion hold up then cancel, they're gonna chuck out the black girls and let Ramona come back unscathed?
    The producer's and Network cannot be that dumb?

    Dorinda, Berhsan, Luann, Sonja, three newbies (two friends of Bershan and a newcomer to straddle the age gap) and Jill as a Friend after All Stars 2, please.
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  6. It was originally rumoured that the show would be off air until 2023 but.. it feels extreme for them to spend the best part of a year in negotiations.

    If conversations are to begin soon, I wouldn’t be surprised if filming begins in the Spring for a Q4 air date. Seems possible.
  7. Just throw Ramona out dear god. Let her lasting moment in the Real Housewives franchise be her doubling down on her shitty behaviour on Ultimate Girls Trip and be done with it.
  8. I truly don't care who else is there as long as Dorinda is back, honestly.

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  9. Basically where I'm at, but either Dorinda or Bethenny. I will watch Ramona with hatred as long as a formidable adversary is there to drag her left and right. Too bad Leah turned out to be such a colossal disappointment because she really tried the latter half of her first season (and in between with Elyse), but crawled so far up her ass as soon as they returned.
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  10. Ok but keeping Ramona around to get verbally destroyed by Dorinda for one more year….. maybe not a bad idea. The last public humiliation.
  11. Dorinda is the show. Please just let us be free of Leah and her horrible life and fashions.
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  12. What if.....Bravo pulls the plug on New York this time?
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  13. If OC can make a come back, NYC can.
  14. It’s Andy’s favorite, that will never happen.

    The way I’m viewing this reboot is with an open mind. The new RHOC didn’t look good on paper to me, but the show is delivering one of their best seasons ever, thus far. The Atlanta reboot seems to be going well and Miami looks fantastic. Based on that, I’m willing to give this a shot once we have a better idea of what it is.
  15. Uno


    They should just bring Ramona in as a friend-of and see how things go and decide if she's fulltime after. Similar to how Sutton filmed as a friend-of this past season of RHOBH but was edited to full-time once she delivered the goods.
  16. I know a beloved editor passed away, but I don't think that had anything to do with the recent problems with the show.

    In my opinion, there were three major problems that made season 13 so egregious.
    1.) Ramona's overt racism permeated the fabric of the season and made it impossible to enjoy. In reality, her behavior and beliefs are inexcusable at this stage. She should absolutely not be on the show anymore.
    2.) Eboni was not a good fit for the show. She did not participate as a Housewife, and instead behaved like an anthropologist who was observing and critiquing the group. The racist treatment she received made it impossible for her to allow herself to be in the role of a Housewife, I'm sure. However, she also appeared to be clearly angling for a newscaster position somewhere. She constantly used a "newscaster" voice that was jarring.
    3.) Leah's steep decline into being solely obnoxious and attention-seeking, paired with painfully boring scenes about her family, were a marked difference from the light and carefree Leah we saw in season 12. She is remarkably unlikeable at an inherent level.

    The good news is, these three problems are seemingly simple to fix. There is such an iconic roster of former cast members that it would be much easier to rehabilitate RHONY than it was for OC going into the current season, or even New Jersey going into season 9.
  17. The vitriol towards Ramona’s return continues to puzzle me. She does more for the show than any other current cast member. RHONY13 would have been even more abysmal without her.

    If her moments of racial insensitivity are what push people over the edge, it’s weird that people then are clamoring for the return of someone who has literally done blackface on the show, someone who once gave her coat to a random Black man at a party, and someone who has referred to Atlanta as “real housewivez in the hood”. I don’t know that any Ramona moment (barring the alleged but unproven Hamptons dinner comment) surpasses the level of those offenses.

    If it’s just her general rudeness, uh… what do you watch this show for? I personally don’t watch it see people be nice to each other!
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  18. I'm not excusing any of the things you just listed about the other ladies but there is a massive difference between ignorance/racial insensitivity and being loudly and proudly racist. I'm not convinced with Lu but I get the sense that the others can be reflective enough to learn from their behavior and better themselves, which Ramona never has and never will.
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  19. You’re not convince of Lu after she literally wore Blackface and to this day hasn’t apologized? After her Native American mess? After using the angry Black woman trope on Eboni and proceeding to act like she doesn’t exist after that?
  20. They both suck, everyone; and RHONY doesn't need either Lu or Ramona to be amazing. Sawrry!
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