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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. I'm kind of into the idea of Ramona as a friend, let's face it - she has had the same personal storyline for like 28 seasons now ("I'm dating/finding happiness in myself") so if she was just a chaos agent a la Vicki in RHOC 14 I'd love it.

    I would be okay with Luann, Sonja, Leah, Dorinda, two new Housewives, Ramona as friend and another new face as a friend.
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  2. Well after seeing Beverly Hills is being stuffed together with 10 cast members, RHONY better have at least 8!!!!
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  3. What happened to...


    and elegance?


    and CLASS?

    WHURR did it all GO??
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  4. Sawry, but I need my Ramona: Real Estate Maven solo scenes. How else will the people of New York learn about the importance of buying south of the highway?
  5. The season 4 finale is a fever dream, Ramona trying to make everyone believe that she could be pregnant, because yes and Luann singing with NATALIE COLE... pure camp.
  6. Ramona as a Friend Of with Dorinda and Jill as mains terrorizing her at every turn would be ideal for next season.
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  7. It crosses my mind so often! Just pure mess start to finish, that's impossible to have dreamed up by any writer.
  8. Maybe bring back Dorinda and Bethenny to usher in some new, iconic 40-somethings. Ramona, Lu, and Sonja couldn't do it.

    The way I'm thinking about this more than my dissertation at this point.
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  9. PFFF BYE, I CAN'T!!!

  10. The DMT hitting my brain when I die:

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  11. I think it'd be smart to keep Leah if the plan is to bring Dorinda and eventually Tinsley back. Even if we get Tinsley as a Friend of Leah throughout the season.

    I truly don't know where they go with Ramona. She's a monster, but we've known that all along. In a lot of ways it feels like she is RHONY, but I also think the right casting could make it work without her. Dorinda, Lu, Sonja, Leah + 3 new girls and Tinsley (and Dale) as friends of feels like a workable soft reboot.
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  13. Watching the Berkshires Christmas episodes with my Mom. Happy holidays to my Little Skinnygirls and supporters of women!
  14. I watched the entire Cartagena trip last night and am pretty sure I shed a tear at the sheer beauty of it. Discussions of 'Peak TV' or the 'Golden age of Television' are not complete without mention of RHONY.

  15. She's startin' is one of the funniest things I've ever seen, no exaggeration.
  16. The cameras not even being set up to capture it's full beauty, as Bethenny set it up to be a big her and Carole moment.
  17. The sheer chaos of that scene cutting between Bethenny's theatrical confrontation with Carole and the rapidly-escelating fight between Dorinda and Lu as all the other girls scramble to figure out what's going on at either side of the table... it's pure gold that couldn't be scripted.
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  18. Tinsley and Sonja randomly kissing in the middle of it...CINEMA.
  19. Edu


    When Dorinda calls Luann an ex-Countess but the camera is focusing on Tinsley cackling at something Ramona said... That is cinéma vérité.
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  20. My rose is my husband!

    The entire cast: Screams and moves quickly to commit suicide.
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