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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

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  2. Honestly Luann and Leah both looked beyond good.
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  3. Simpler times </3

    Bethenny really is deranged ddd
  4. Got Bethenny is so fucking annoying but iconic. And a Holla reference? Simpler times indeed.

    Feel like pure shit just want S7 back.
  5. She is deranged and i kinda stan.
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  6. Carole just knew how to work Bethenny.

    Does the truth freak you out? O_o

  7. Season 7 was the best cast wasn't it?
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  8. And it's entirely down to them being genuine friends off the show before they started feuding. Bravo needs to find some ladies who are actually friends again and let them destroy each other like we got in the golden days.
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  9. Naur I miss them!!!!
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  10. Bethenny is a demonic entity that I need on my television screen on a weekly basis.
  11. Luann's "Don't do this to me" and her breaking down straight after the "It's about Tom" is maybe her at her most real and genuine throughout her whole tenure.
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  12. Forever bewildered by what y'all see in Carole stuttering out those clapbacks as Bethenny destroyed her with a deranged verbal tsunami.
  13. Ok but Bethenny's modus operandi with literally everything is being a deranged verbal tsunami!

    Someone said this already; Carole won the battle, she was good throughout season 10*, but lost the war, the reunion and her behaviour after she left was messy.

    *It also didn't help that Bethenny was an absolute nightmare on season 10, I am impressed at how much more likeable she was on season 11.
  14. To each their own hon! I empathize with Bethenny being confused about losing her friend while also being worn incredibly thin from taking on an insane philanthropy operation. It's not pretty, but I understand where she's coming from, as where Miss Marathon's style of arguing is just reactive and corny to me.
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  15. Oh here is the T. I would also argue that Berkshire was the only battle Carole won. She was very gaslight-y in the trip and somewhat rude to Bethenny when B was having a legit meltdown.
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  16. I mean as if Bethenny did not gaslight Carole, deagged her for bring unemployed (an Emmy and Peabody winner at that!) and without children, and the whole friendship thing felt more overproduction by Bethenny... she was a lot.

    And mind you I say this as someone who really liked Carole on her first three seasons only.
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  17. Not every argument is gaslighting! By this logic Carole definitely gaslighted her right back by denying that anything was even happening and saying she's not good friends with Tinsley. In my view Bethenny had the less warped view of the situation.

    And I mean, she was unemployed and childless... she had entire seasons where her plotline was "I don't wanna work :)"
  18. Noooooo Hen
  19. I didn't mean that just arguing was gaslightning, but Carole felt nothing happened and Bethenny threw random tantrums.

    Also the reunion was a mess for Carole, no doubt about that, but during the show it did feel Carole was confused about Bethenny's behaviour and it did feel Bethenny was spinning a story that was correct from her point of view only.

    Also I can understand that you side with Bethenny rather than Carole, but c'mon that comment about Carole being unemployed and without children was malicious!
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