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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. One of my biggest takeaways on rewatch is how annoying and absolutely deranged Bethenny is. I was constantly having to tell siri to turn the damn volume down on my AirPods ddd. I particularly hate how every time she unleashes on someone she goes on and on with, "I DONT KNOW WHERE THAT CAME FROM!! WHAT DID I SAY?! WHO I AM?! WHAT CAME OVER ME?!?! OH MY GOD!!!!" That shtick got old very, very quickly. I was also rolling my eyes like crazy at the, "it's so hard downplaying my achievements because everyone is so jealous of how successful I am!!!" pity party in Mexico.

    All that said, she seems to have been made in a petri dish specifically for reality TV. She knows how to create moments like very few others, and she plays for the cameras like nobodies business. There's a reason why she's widely considered one of the greatest Housewives ever.
  2. This is fair but It's not like leagues of housewives have not made similar comments about other housewives. It's simply the name of the game! Bethenny is such a powerhouse that she inevitably endures more scrutiny because she takes up so much space on the cast.

    I simply cannot muster an ounce of sympathy or support for Carole who operated from a holier-than-thou place from day one on the show, ultimately making the season 10 reunion feel like a mask-off moment. I don't really think anyone "won" in the trenches of the season, but I'm always surprised how much undeserved credit goes to Friend of Ghislaine just because of the ire people have for Bethenny.
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  3. Season 10 Bethenny was unbearable. Essential TV of course but unbearable. The thing about Bethenny is that when she's right, she's right but when she's wrong, she's dead wrong. She's not one for being in the middle and that's why we love her! She's the ice to Ramona's fire.

    With that said, the comment to Carole about not having children was done in poor taste. It was only two seasons prior that Carole had mentioned that she and her late husband discussed having a family someday, which is another reason why it didn't sit right with me. Bethenny wasn't stating it as a fact, she was using it to shame her. The same way Phaedra (and a lot of the ATL cast) would ridicule Kenya because she was unmarried and childless. She did the same thing to Tinsley a year later when bizarrely brought up that she doesn't have a daughter and therefore she deserves a better antique when they were in Miami.

    It's my housewives pet peeve when they go after each other for neither being married, nor a mother as if that's what makes you a success in life. I get they all drag each other for the dumbest shit but it's low level shade.
  4. This is where I stand with Bethenny, great Housewives, but so so so draining (also she works perfectly for the format, but outside of it... Not that much)
  5. Bethenny saying in a confessional that Tinsley makes a good friend for Carole because neither of them have kids or a career is hardly Luann laughing in her face about her being childless. It's a running theme in New York that has only started to change very recently.
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  6. Agreed! What Luann said was much worse and it was done in a fashion in which she pitied Carole and looked down at her. Ramona and Tinsley (ironically) also said things to Carole about being childless. With that said, Bethenny ran with it at the reunion and still looked like an asshole.
  7. Carole has more than showed her ass since being fired from the show and it's time for us to let Ghislaine Maxwell's friend go. Bethenny has shown her ass every year since 2008 so that's nothing new either. At the end of the day, they're both awful people, as the best Housewives are, but Bethenny ultimately "won" because Carole lost her job and tarnished her relationship with Bravo, while Bethenny walked away with dignity intact and maintains her relationship with Bravo to this day.
  8. Yeah Bethenny looked horrible in the reunion. I am not denying that. My arguement was i don't agree with the notion that Carole was an innocent bystander against Hurricane Bethenny.
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  9. Carole call out Andy makes her the winner regardless. It lost her a career on a lucrative show, but gained her an infinitely rewindable moment.
  10. I thought "Carole's playing a know-it-all politician in vintage lace with a dead husband" was a disgusting thing to say because it was so clear that Bethenny was weaponizing the fact that Carole's husband had died. She had such contempt for her. I wonder if Bethenny would take that back, especially after Dennis also died.

    Carole seemed to have a personality transplant in season 10. She was so cold. It was uncomfortable, but incredible reality TV.
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  11. Are we really picking sides in this feud when they’re both horrible people? (if incredible Housewives).

    I think both were awful all along season 10 and really couldn’t be worst in the reunion. Carole was surprisingly unwitty and Bethenny was just rabid.
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  12. Fully agree with this, Carole seemed a completely different person, very cold and mean girls esque in season 10.
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  13. I wonder if Bethenny regrets doing Season 11? She had a lot going on, evidenced by the multiple breakdowns. I've always thought her taking the apple was more of an "I'm still here" to Carole rather than her actually wanting to do it.
  14. I think Carole is just one of those really spiteful grudge holders (see her never forgiving Lu) and it really pissed her off Bethenny called out Adam for the photography thing.
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  15. Honestly I love both of them nn. But I was definitely on Carole's side with that whole situation. I cut Bethenny some slack because she was clearly spiraling/intensely raw, but it was a lot.
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  16. While i am being messy, i totally relate to Bethenny in watching a friendship frittering away and hearing your close friend say "there is nothing wrong". Bethenny is annoying and deranged but sawry? She came a lot relatable to me bar reunion.
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  17. Did you watch season 8 or ?
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  18. One moment that always stands out for me in the Carole v Bethenny feud is around the midway point in the season when Bethenny leaves a group event crying and Carole's confessional was basically "well don't come". It was so frigid.
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  19. Bethenny's handling aside, I get both sides, on one hand Carole just wasn't as present and felt more distant (and she looked like someone that doesn't really feel that she expresses her emotions in a raw, I remember Heather said it aswell that during that period she wasn't really that happy), which happens, something similar happened between me and my best friend and I really didn't notice until she told me that (but luckily we aren't deranged reality stars, so we discussed that and all is good, dd), so I can understand where Bethenny was coming from, on the other hand Bethenny really was a lot and kept pushing this thing of Carole hating her and not caring for her, when it was just one of those situations in which you kind of make it worse, and I can understand Carole being over it after a while, now put that situation in television and it just gets messy.
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  20. Bethenny and Carole were fucking dreadful at the Season 8 Reunion.
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