The Real Housewives of New York

I haven't watched anything after season 6 yet, but Carole did provide entertainment when she was first introduced. Her ego battle with Luann in London was cute, and she provided an interesting power balance between Aviva and Ramona, but ultimately she feels too detached and unbothered, and when she's bothered it's grating. Bad vibes only!
I think it's impossible to watch the Bethenny Vs. Kelly fight from season 2 and NOT absolutely stan Bethenny. She was hilarious throughout every exchange but you could also see that she was absolutely astounded at what was happening.
It's irrelevant but she also looked so chic and stunning sat there with her glossy hair and her Blackberry giving material gworl. Compared to Sideshow Kelly in her clown shoe sized Pink welly's lurking in the shadows as if she's about to start flashing members of the public in all her c*ked up glory. Truly one of the most bizarre exchanges in RHONY history.
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Bethenny's hair is awful in Season 9

Fredrik is awful, and it feels Tom made a bet with his mates to marry a RHONY.

Poor Lu
Is this the season with her Constance Zimmer haircut? If so, I don’t think it’s her worst hair-do at all. The one where she has the confrontation with Lu about her copycat do is her absolute worst.