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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Wasn't it suggested that there was some tension the summer prior to filming between Carole and Bethenny? There was that rumour that Carole was staying with a close friend in California who's husband had just died and Bethenny was harassing her to speak to the grieving widow (who was some TV exec) about green lighting a TV idea or something? I've always wondered how true that was seeing as Carole has no issue mentioning it all these days.
    If memory serves correct.. I think she said fairly recently that she almost didn't sign up to season 11. I think season 11 was a good victory lap for Bethenny. I seem to remember most of us despising her after the season 10 reunion but like the flip floppers we are, we all did a 180 because she had a great season with no issue holding newly deluded Luann's feet to the fire. I'm glad she stayed.
  2. Carole seemed different because things shifted that summer. It seemed like something happened off camera, whether it was her friends husband passing and Bethenny's neediness really showing it's ass or if it was something else.
    I mean, these talking heads are filmed throughout the season and it seems like that one was one of the last ones of the season... based on Carole's hair. I'm sure she was at the end of her rope with Bethenny and over all her crying.
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  3. ...I still think Carole sucks and always has. So humorless and her superiority complex when she was on Reality Television for Gay Men was so unfounded.
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  4. I will always be #TeamBethenny no matter how much of a toxic nightmare she is!
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  5. I haven't watched anything after season 6 yet, but Carole did provide entertainment when she was first introduced. Her ego battle with Luann in London was cute, and she provided an interesting power balance between Aviva and Ramona, but ultimately she feels too detached and unbothered, and when she's bothered it's grating. Bad vibes only!
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  6. I'm a Little WriterGirl when it comes to picking a side between those two. Speaking from experience, being on the other side of a friendship with someone like Bethenny - is tiring and draining. I can only imagine the hell Carole had to listen to off camera.
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  7. Yeah I'm basically the Carole when this situation arises. Sawry!!!
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  8. "I tell it like it is,
    But I always make it nice!"
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  9. I agree but she was great for group scenes and confessionals in group trips!
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  10. I think it's impossible to watch the Bethenny Vs. Kelly fight from season 2 and NOT absolutely stan Bethenny. She was hilarious throughout every exchange but you could also see that she was absolutely astounded at what was happening.
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  11. It's irrelevant but she also looked so chic and stunning sat there with her glossy hair and her Blackberry giving material gworl. Compared to Sideshow Kelly in her clown shoe sized Pink welly's lurking in the shadows as if she's about to start flashing members of the public in all her c*ked up glory. Truly one of the most bizarre exchanges in RHONY history.
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  12. This is so cursed
  13. The way Dorinda looked like she wanted to murder Phaedra for even mentioning that infamous line, dead.
  14. Carole: do you think she was just trying to help you?

    Dorinda: *slurring* help me for WHAT?
  15. I don't care if you are the biggest heroin horrdict... arrdict... ADDICT, I would never shame you, I would invite you to my house and ask "whoat the fuck is goingo?"
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  16. My favorite part is when she says "I don't care if yer da biggest herin'...hoarder.....attic....PROSDADILITY...."
  17. Dorinda and Phaedra is such a gloriously unholy union, it's literally more than I could ever ask for. Give us a Simple Life reboot with the two of them working on a farm, please!
  18. Dorinda would be iconic partnered with just about anyone but no to Phaedra honestly.
  19. I had a dream I was taking a picture with Ramona and Jill Zarin's daughter kept blocking the camera so I pushed her out of the way and Jill hit me over the head with a purse.

    What is happening to me?

    Falling asleep to episodes from Season 1 probably didn't help.

  20. Absolute camp
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