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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Bethenny's hair is awful in Season 9

    Fredrik is awful, and it feels Tom made a bet with his mates to marry a RHONY.

    Poor Lu
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  2. Is this the season with her Constance Zimmer haircut? If so, I don’t think it’s her worst hair-do at all. The one where she has the confrontation with Lu about her copycat do is her absolute worst.
  3. HOnestly the paramedics in that clip WERE SO HOT.
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  4. Dorinda was totally GONNA FLIP ON HER but then realised she was being filmed...
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  5. I’m on a season 3 re-watch and forgot how Alex of all people had to deliver that message from Bethany and just made Jill spiral instantly. So good.
  6. Alex's Hives were a Friend Of that year.
  7. Tins slots in very easily into S9, thankfully, or Sonja would have nobody to share scenes with.
    Dorinda's anger for Sonja about her talking to the press, when we all know it's really because she said everybody knew she did drugs at the reunion, is iconic.
    I had already forgotten Ramona started targeting Bethenny in her confessionals over her buying two dogs in the premier, before she fronts her first attack in episode 3.
  8. Deuxmoi posted some tea about the upcoming season. Take with a pinch of salt but it's still fun to speculate. Obviously this is all pretty vague but it goes hand in hand with what the Dorinda Deadly account posted on Twitter a month back.

    - Casting for the new season is very slowly starting to take shape.
    - 3 of the current cast are returning.
    - Potentially 1 or 2 returns.
    - 2 to 3 newbies.
    - Bethenny will not be involved.

    Sonja's been telling fans on Cameo that she's returning for season 14. So I'm going to assume it's Sonja, Luann and Ramona that are the 3 coming back. Dorinda will be full-time once again and I wouldn't be surprised if they're finally figuring out how to put Jill in the mix (whether it's a friend, guest or otherwise), then some newbies. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Bershan return as a friend, I don't think she got a fair shot.
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  9. Ramona, Lu, Sonja, Dorinda, Jill, and 2 new girls as the main cast + Bershan and another new 'friend of' could be highly iconic.
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  10. Okay but that cast...I see something.
  11. Bershan needs to be in the mix
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  12. I miss Dorinda so fucking much that any cast with her involved would "work" for me at this point.
  13. Do I put up with a hetty nightclub to see Sonja tonight?

    I truly don’t know :/
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  14. Add Tinsley now.
  15. I really want to believe Tinsley is in the mix since her & Scott are done. She left on great terms so I'm assuming if she wants it, they'll give it to her.
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  16. I need my Literally Miserable Chewing Gum back!!
  17. I actually forgot all about Tinsley when I made that post dd but yes, I'd assume then that "1-2 old faces" is in reference to Dorinda and Tinsley, rather than Jill. Although I'd happily have all 3..
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  18. I liked Bershan enough but don't feel too strongly either way about a return. If it's true that they're sticking with Ramona, Lu, and Sonja as the three returning housewives, then it seems like the producers' plan is to just forget that season 13 ever happened, take the remaining 'originals' and start from scratch with a rebuild/reset. I kind of see why that might be the best option, but Bershan did seem like she could be fun. I feel like her and Dorinda could be hysterical together.
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  19. Tinslegend Mortislay must return.. I think of "yeah, I'm drinking Luann" all time, every day, 265 days a year.
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  20. I will welcome Tinsley back if they offer Dale a friend of role
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