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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. It's
    to imagine

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  3. I’d rather they boot Ramona and bring back Jill.
  4. I feel like a season of Dorinda and Jill tormenting Ramona would be legendary though.
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  5. Oh definitely, I’d be here for this, although isn’t it Ramona that was inferred to be keeping Jill off the show?
  6. I believe so, which is why it'd be amazing if producers brought her back anyway. I feel like Ramona has probably lost some power that she had over production with her antics and the fact that so many people want/expect her to get fired anyway. Producers are in a position to say, "Stay or leave, but here's what's happening...". She's the one who needs the show at this point, rather than the other way around. She made herself look like a total ass in season 13 and the spin-off, even more so than usual. I imagine she wants to come back for a season of 'true renewal!'
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  7. I don't see Jill being back. 10 years later? It's Bravo so you never know.

    I'd like to see Sonja, LuAnn and Dorinda have apples and be the anchors. Ramona can get a friend contract and terrorise the gals (and be dragged by Dorinda) at events and go on the trips. Eboni should be out. Leah is a question mark for me, I guess I'd keep her for one more shot.

    2 new apple holders: they need a rich, delusional finance wife whose kids are now teens and don't need her, with a husband who doesn't fulfil her. Throw in a wild-card friend of we're off.
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  8. There should be a 50 years or older clause to appear on RHONY. SAWRY!! Single women in their fifties is the magic of the show.
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  9. Sonja and Luann are safe returns. I know some of you bitter gworls hate to admit it but.. Sonja's the fan favourite. No one cares that she's not had a storyline since settling her bankruptcy case, she radiates entertainment, charisma and amazing one-liners. She's the only OG who didn't show her ass last season as well. Luann was so well received on All Stars that I think it was enough for them to give her another shot.

    I think it's between Ramona and Leah for the 3rd spot. There's definitely pro's and con's for both women and really, Ramona should leave after the behind the scenes drama of season 13. However, and unlike Kelly Dodd, I imagine Andy and one or two other execs will end up sticking their necks out and swinging things in her favour. So I can see Leah getting the axe.
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  10. I agree with you except for the optics of how firing Eboni and not Ramona will look. I am betting both will be fired, so they can wash their hands of Eboni but also avoid backlash from keeping Ramona. I can see Leah getting another shot, as @teddienono mentioned, although I'm pretty "done" with her at this point.

    There's still life left in Luann and Sonja for the show so I hope they both stay. Sonja was the only one who had a really good season for season 13.
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  11. Completely agree but apart of me thinks Bravo genuinely believe that if they leave it long enough, audiences will forget about it. I also imagine apart of them thinks that "well.. fans hated Eboni and Leah the most so.... problem solved!!" only another 6 months til we likely find out anyway.
  12. I was on a Reddit (courtesy of Hunterhunted9) deep dive yesterday and:
    Not gonna lie, I kinda miss the gossip...
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  14. One of these and then a Dorinda v Jill civil war.
  15. No this is gonna happen and I’m gonna eat. it. up. I hate myself!
  16. They're going to end Season 2 of Ultimate Girls Trip with Dorina and Jill announcing that they're 'returning to the city.'

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  17. Up to the season 3 reunion. Whew Jill got ripped to shreds.
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  18. I’m a Little Morgan-ster. If she’s not back for the next season, I’ll be so sad.
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  19. I was at peak Sonja exhaustion after Season 12 and then she came back with that incredible face lift delivering eloquence at the reunion and I decided to welcome her back into my heart for good.
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  20. That's my fave[​IMG]Imagine being so miserable that you don't stan or revel in the madness and hysteria of Sonja Morgan? Couldn't be me[​IMG]
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