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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Sonja had the sole moment of season 13 that made me genuinely laugh, which was her drunken rant about the homeless getting homeless...ler.
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  2. Remember the women walking into the backyard to see Sonja watering her rocks at the beginning of Season 13?!

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  3. Just tag @constantino next time!
  4. I still don't like her that much BUT after watching how uptight and dour the Beverly Hills women are, I certainly have more of an appreciation for Sonjarita.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  7. Having now finally completed all thirteen seasons, I feel overjoyed at the prospect of joining in on the conversation that has dominated hundreds and hundreds of pages of this thread, namely which permutation and combination of women would be most pleasing to the Popjustice Movement (™ Elyse Slaine) for season 14. (In my view - bring back Dorinda, bring in Bershan or someone else new, and if we can't have both Bethenny and Jill in the same cast, then at least one of them will do).

    I am hopeful the show never reaches a nadir lower than the Black Shabbat episodes of Season 13, some of the most unpleasant minutes I have ever spent watching a TV, rivalled only perhaps by the way Aviva's father spoke about what he would do at Ramona's funeral. The attempt once again to showcase a conversation about race and Blackness was so ill-conceived, given that the players at hand were barely able to offer much that you wouldn't otherwise see in a thread of boomer Facebook comments. Add in an (un)healthy helping of Zionism and a Facetime connection fiasco, and it topped the Bridie/Birdie scene for cringeworthiness a hundred times over.

    I'm sure no one needs reminding of any of these highlights as none are particularly deep cuts, but some of my favourite moments of the show included:

    - Alex coming down the stairs in Morocco like a "buffalo";
    - Kelly unable to open the glass door on the yacht on her way to La La Land with cartwheels;
    - "Clip! Clip! Clip! Clip! You fool.";
    - "What do you think, you're John Grisham? What do you - what, what do you think, you're Stephen King?";
    - Sonja stomping on the mirror at Ramona's birthday;
    - Tinsley and Dale crying hysterically while Facetiming with Tinsley's frozen eggs (?!?);
    - "How could you do this to me. Question mark.";
    - American Crime Story: The Verbal Assassination of Bethenny Frankel on The Brooklyn Bridge;
    - Ramona's giggle after Luann fell into the bushes; and
    - Every Bluestone Manor episode - no series is more anticipated in my household than RHUGT #2!
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  8. Wait. I love you already for this.

    Welcome to this humble group of leg throwers!
  9. [​IMG]Welcome.
    Who are your favourite Housewives?
  10. Well!


    Stanning any of these ladies is a balancing act that can topple at any moment, but I would say Dorinda has to be my #1 for that unique and highly entertaining balance of thuggishness and empathy, and also her love for kitschy holiday decorations and ugly furniture is endearing to me.

    Sonja is probably next, sorry @constantino.

    Luann, Bethenny and Ramona are all essential to the franchise, but factors such as blackface, intensity of personality to the point of weariness, and a love for spouting Trumpist propaganda respectively mean for me they fall below the top top tier.

    I would love to see Jill back. I think she would relish the opportunity. Alex was deeply strange but also frequently the voice of reason, an intriguing combination. (We Australians don’t claim Simon). Kelly was frustrating and I can’t imagine how challenging it would be to have to interact with her in real life, but I cannot deny that without her Season 3 would not have been half as iconic.

    I could probably kick it with Carole so long as she didn’t bring Ghislaine along with her. Heather is…annoying ddd but her fight with Aviva in the Hamptons was a highlight. Speaking of the leg thrower, she brought nothing but utter chaos every second she was on screen and for that I am truly grateful.

    The Mint would be great in Selling Sag Harbor if she ever wants to give up the circus and return to reality TV. She’d fit that Chrishell type of role well.

    Leah was headed for GOAT status after season 12, but we all know how that ended up.

    The rest I could really care less about.

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  11. Lastest "rumours." I doubt that Ramona, Lu, Dorinda, Jill and Sonja will all be on the cast, it would probably be too expensive, but some combination of the 5 (with Ramona and Jill as Friends) would be great.

    Candace seems boring to me, sawry! I would love to see Crystal McCrary McGuire join though.
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  12. Candace would be boring as hell.

    Ramona can rot, sawry not sawry, Girls Trip felt like the tough, horrible, awkward ending to her time on the franchises she deserves.
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  13. Not Jill responding to a video that's... 10 years old.

    I'm not sure about the Candace rumour, I could've sworn she said like a day or two ago that she'd never do the show.
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  14. Why is she tweeting about Carole when she could be responding to this?

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  15. Hmmmm why don't we do a live-posting of an episode, girls? I'm thinking season 7 - Double Down on Delusion a.k.a. the Atlantic City trip?
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  16. The Boat Ride From Hell, Scary Island, Christmas at the Beserkshires, The Morocco Trip (that does not get enough love honestly)...

    All the trips would be great for a live episode actually!
  17. I posted a photo of Jill on my instagram once and she liked it about three years later.
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  18. Never forget, one of Ramona's foyinest moments, the fact Ramona knew she was on speaker and called on Luann's phone...
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  19. Fredrik appearing sporadically in Seasons 7-9 keeps me slightly homophobic, but Dale's first appearance with her dragging the ashes of her ex-husband through New York,

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