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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Not Jill responding to a video that's... 10 years old.

    I'm not sure about the Candace rumour, I could've sworn she said like a day or two ago that she'd never do the show.
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  2. Why is she tweeting about Carole when she could be responding to this?

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  3. Hmmmm why don't we do a live-posting of an episode, girls? I'm thinking season 7 - Double Down on Delusion a.k.a. the Atlantic City trip?
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  4. The Boat Ride From Hell, Scary Island, Christmas at the Beserkshires, The Morocco Trip (that does not get enough love honestly)...

    All the trips would be great for a live episode actually!
  5. I posted a photo of Jill on my instagram once and she liked it about three years later.
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  6. Never forget, one of Ramona's foyinest moments, the fact Ramona knew she was on speaker and called on Luann's phone...
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  7. Fredrik appearing sporadically in Seasons 7-9 keeps me slightly homophobic, but Dale's first appearance with her dragging the ashes of her ex-husband through New York,

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  8. Rewatching the first few seasons and I forgot how much I despise Avery. Worst house daughter ever?
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  9. She's only included to make her great-great granddaughter look better.
  10. Ovary is iconic in that she's a literal Gossip Girl character come to life. She's probably a terrible person (sounds familiar?), but her interactions with her distant relative are amazing.
  11. I know they needed to take a break but I really want them to announce the cast soon and begin filming. I miss my NY girls.
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  12. The way I hated Avery in the first couple of seasons. I can’t stand the kids on these shows acting like they’re in a 90s American sitcom.
  13. Don't speak ill of Ramona's great-great grand aunt like that.
  14. The way I'm doing that episode of S9 where Ramona is forced into going for lunch with Avery and her dead behind the eyes friends as she's not been invited to Bethenny's holiday party.

    (And seeing Dorinda kick off in a flashback is always a disappointment).
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  15. There are a lot of people tweeting that Ramona should be fired now that Jennie is gone. Some are mentioning Luann but the focus is mainly on Ramona.
  16. Has Ramona done anything as severe and as intentional as Jennie though? Her offences are more insensitive mostly due to ignorance and being an idiot. Unless I’m forgetting something.
  17. Ramona is similar to Mary on Salt Lake City in that she has made various micro aggressions. The difference is, there’s always an excuse when Ramona does it, but when Mary did it, there was a campaign to label her a racist.

    The reason Ramona, Bethenny and Luann are getting so much heat is because fans are tired of the double standard and the fact that they’ve been doing these things for years with no apology or sign of growth.

    I feel like Luann will slide by, but at this point there is no way Ramona will get picked up for another season.
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  18. I don’t know what to think about this or if it’s based in any sort of reality but I would 100% be here for it. Long live Queen Kristen!

  19. NO BABY NO
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