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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. I just messaged the source.

  2. Yeah season 11 was brought down solely by poor editing. It was a great season for Bethenny and Luann makes an incredible villain. I also think they could have started it a bit later into filming: The first three episodes with Barbra separating Dorinda from the group slowed the pace and comedy too much.

    I still consider 7 through 10 to be God-Tier seasons, 11 and 12 to be great, and 13 to be horrific.
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  4. Yolanda Parody M&M made something up?!

  5. Edu


    I miss seeing my mom on TV.
  6. She is certifiable nn. That look!
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  7. Why does it sound like she's threatening to drug and rape us?

    I mean I'm down.
  8. For all the money in the world.. Dorinda has the worst fashion sense and it’s not spoken about enough. I’m obsessed with the monstrosities she puts together.
  9. And the weird thing is it's all designer. It's very "Barefoot Britney Spears wears ill-fitting Dolce & Gabanna mini dress to 7-Eleven restroom".
  10. As a gorgeous, gorgeous girl I like Pretty. But there's nothing else she could add to the show unless she literally tries to murder Ramona on camera.
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  11. No Dorinda? No Tinsley? A Jill return?
  12. Not having Dorinda is shameful, she's the heart of RHONY!
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  13. Why do we believe DeuxMoi? Also, I can't understand Dorinda not returning. She is the heart (and the chaos) of the franchise.
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  14. I feel like Deuxmoi gets a tip every other week about RHONY and the information is always different.

    If they're really not bringing Dorinda back but keeping Ramona around then.. well.. throw the whole thing away.
  15. As long as Leah gets binned anything could happen
  16. The way Eboni played Bravo's tokenism by pretending to be a progressive voice while being a conservative Republican (and also mind-numbingly boring) the entire time. One of the worst Housewives hires ever.
  17. Bring back the Bensimoment.
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  18. I’m watching Project Runway’s Real Housewives episode where they have to make a reunion look for one of the wives. With Leah being included, is this a suggestion she’ll be back?

    Watching it, I can’t help but feel that I wish they included Ramona. Can you imagine what a nightmare client she’d be for the designers.
  19. I doubt it. They probably took who they could get.
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