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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

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  2. Edu


  3. Getting kicked out of Townhouse is an honor, those cigs deserved all the lashings they got

  4. It's so hateful that they're not filming right now

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  5. I need another saga of Bethenny yelling "I'm sick of the way you live" to Luann. Please @God make it happen.

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  7. Motherfuckers where my fags at!!!

  8. Fixed.
  9. "We're concerned that you're now this big cabaret star"
    - YHEAH..
  10. Did she even say faggot though? I'd be surprised if she was in a gay bar randomly throwing the word about dd. Luann can say it as far as I'm concerned!!!

    Either way, her season 14 return is securedt.
  11. Obviously pissed Lu expected more from the faggots than she got,
    we don't deserve her,
    we should do better
  12. I really wanted CURLY HAIR...



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  13. Who are these sauces? Ketchup and HP?
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  14. I'm just finishing season 10 and my lord, Bethenny and LuAnn are just... something else. Bethenny not being able to gaslight Carole and puppet the other women, Luann judging Dorinda for getting a bit drunk – just something else. Cements to me why I loathe both of them so much.
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  15. It still drives me nuts that Bethenny goes everywhere and doesn’t ask/state she is very allergic to fish. Her diving into that soup in Cartagena that she “assumed” was chicken… makes me so mad. I can’t eat gluten and it’s literally the first thing I ask when I go somewhere to eat.
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  16. I mean… I’m sure production is aware.
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  17. Oh I’m sure, but it’s her responsibility to ask regarding her serious allergy. Production just sees/thinks “this will be good for tv”. Which also makes me think that’s why Bethenny doesn’t ask either.
  18. Yeah! Especially with that scene in Cartagena. I think she knew exactly what she was doing ddd.
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  19. Oh? Are you all talking about the time Ramona tried to kill Bethenny with fishy soup?
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