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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. The way #BStrong still dominates the discourse years after her departure. We need her back.
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  2. Carole made it to deuxmoi.
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  3. She’s in her Liz Lemon era.
  4. Her best friend Ghislaine Maxwell being incarcerated must really be taking a toll on ha.
  5. Apparently the Eboni/Shannon episode of WWHL was one of the lowest rated ever.
  6. Indeed it was:

    For comparison this was literally the day prior:

  7. Eboni said Ramona should be kept on RHONY because her views represent a large portion of the US (paraphrasing here).

    ..their relationship and her allegiance to Ramona continues to puzzle me.
  8. Almost like she thinks it's her way to stay

    Get rid of Both
  9. "Itsgrondworkup"
    Dorinda turning up black-out the evening before the Puerto Rico trip... a bit of sushi was never going to sober her up

    "Don't Do That"
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  11. Naur I still like her.
  12. I'm on the episode where The Hustle makes an appearance and then good ol' Dale's commentary on Tinsley's circus role. Classic.
  13. Luann did an interview recently (pre drunken episode) where she confirmed that news about RHONY will be dropping very soon. It also very much sounds like she’ll be apart of the new season.
  14. Dddd can you imagine season 14 with Ramona, Lu, Sonja, Dorinda, Tinsley, Jill, and Kelly?!

    I sure can!


    Dorinda would eat Kelly alive.
  15. I'm watching the Tequila trip from season 9 and I miss them so, so much.
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  16. I would definitely be... intrigued by the concept of a Kelly comeback.
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  17. Edu


  18. Lu being a #BringAvivaBack truther…queen!
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  19. The more I revisit clips of Aviva's time on the show, the more I want her back too. They should do it.
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