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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Edu


    Just watch RHONY Classique being one of the best seasons ever while the new NYC girlies flop... My original moms are coming for blood and I'm already living for it.

    Now THIS is the real multiverse of madness.
  2. I'm howling
  3. Right now i'm imagining Aviva, Kelly and Dorinda in Bluestone Manor. Inject this into me asap.
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  4. I know it'd never happen, but bring back Holla and Writer Girl.
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  5. Has anyone checked on @johnny_tsunami, perhaps she's having a lie down x
  6. I was very torn when I saw the news but you girls have, as always, quelled several of my fears.

    If they were going to do this with any city I think the timing and location were right: the RHONY women are maybe the most desperate to stay in the limelight outside of some specific OC ladies so I imagine we'll see most of our most wanted originals back sans Bethenny.

    I do wonder what this means for the future of UGT as a spin off series? I thought they were going to be playing the long game with it as a send off/backdoor trial for housewives in relation to their respective city, but if they go for the legacy approach with other cities and keep UGT going it's veering towards Drag Race overproduction territory.
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  7. BB53321A-4A7E-42AE-94DB-CB244EA2409B.jpeg Jill Zarin now selling “RHONY est 2008” sweatshirts
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  9. This is an amazing, inspired decision and I cannot wait to see the results.
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  10. Outside of our forum bubble, how popular are Leah and Eboni with the fans? Generally speaking.
  11. Both of them are loathed, Eboni may be slightly more liked. I don't see either making it to the new reboot. It's crazy to think how badly Leah fumbled the bag.
  12. Yeah, Leah and Eboni are both disliked by fans and castmates alike. I'm confident they are gone.
  13. Eboni was my "friends" favorite in season 13. He also vehemently hated Dorinda and loved Slut Pop. So... My co-worker also liked her a lot but when she found out more about her, it quickly faded.
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  14. Oh my GOD.
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  15. I wonder if this whole enterprise was engineered with this in mind.
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  16. I am speechless.
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  17. That thread title is certainly a mouthful
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  18. I’d give my left arm to be in the Luann/Sonja/Ramona group chat.
  19. Has anyone in any other franchise plummeted as quickly from loved to hated as Leah? I swear she went from getting universal praise in her debut to universal disdain her second season. I didn’t think she was that bad in season 2 personally - but I’m content she’s not returning.
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