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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. It was a great listen but miss me with that New York only had seven great seasons discourse Carlos!

    Eboni seems like she's spent a lot of time considering her role in Season 13's reception, and while I'm not convinced she could get it right a second time I don't think I was giving her nearly enough credit when it comes to understanding what makes great TV. She's not only done her research but she actually appreciates the franchise for what it is: I appreciate her admitting she wasn't necessarily keen on being a housewife for Season 13 but she is now, though that could just be her angling for a return spot.
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  2. Part of me wonders if Eboni would be more engaging when she's in her own element, rather than having to contend with a group of, frankly, racist white women who likely resented that she was ever even there. One thing I appreciate is that Bravo and Eboni have both acknowledged that the show made a mistake in trying to cast people with zero ties to the existing group. Leah came in like a wrecking ball and it worked for her first season, but by season 13 nearly every relationship was completely fake and forced... Bershan, Eboni, and Leah were all outsiders with zero relationship to Ramona/Sonja/Lu. Leah connected most with Dorinda and Tinsley, and they were both gone. And at that point, even Sonja had no connection to Ramona and Lu when cameras weren't rolling, so the whole group was fractured. Eboni was essentially doomed from the start. So, I do think there's a scenario where, with the right cast around her, she could work as a Housewife. But I still think it's probably best to start entirely fresh at this point.

    One thing I think that Carols is right about is that Ramona will almost certainly be asked back for the RHONY: OGs. I don't think she's essential, but I imagine the producers will go out of their way to try to get her there. I think the casting for the OG is likely going to be as tricky as the reboot, honestly.
  3. I believe him about Peacock because I don’t get the vibe that things are going well for RHONY. It’s been said the Legacy show will film first and that seems to be their main focus. Hell, look at the effort they’re going through to keep the old guard. Casting a HW show from the ground up is very difficult and takes time. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see nuRHONY til next fall at the earliest.

    That’s why I hope someone like Carlos IS put in charge of production. Look at OG Atlanta or New Jersey, or his current Love and Marriage franchise. Carlos knows how to cast and create a show that is buzz worthy. If anybody could guarantee a return to Bravo and not Peacock, it’s him.
  4. God last season was dire. I’m depressed thinking about it.
  5. Ramona was shaking afterwards. Shaking.
  6. The sort of career pivot she's angling for doesn't seem to mesh well with a brand like RHONY. But I'll be interested to see how well her version of New York does in the ratings. Legacy might still become the default RHONY.
  7. I’m screaming at Leah’s WWHL appearance this week tanking just as hard as Eboni’s did a few weeks ago. Birds of a feather bomb together!
  8. Them putting the RHONocerYs on WWHL is interesting. Luann, Eboni, now Leah. They must be gauging fan reception.
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  9. It was probably some get out clause (I think one of the blinds mentioned this) to have both Leah and Eboni on to promote their other projects (Eboni's show and Leah's book).
  10. Luann wins the ratings war, I think. You really can't count out The Countess.
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  11. The Carlos King podcast was very interesting! And while I disagree that Eboni would make a good housewife (even though I wouldn't hate her having another go at it), her analysis and self-awareness about her part in the show was outstanding and refreshing. On the other hand, I do wonder if her being so in the know now of what would people want out of her as a housewife would play against her, or if she would even bring interesting storylines at all (I... really don't care about a matchmaker).
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  12. This interview might have saved Eboni's chance to hold an apple for the second time. I'm seeing a lot of support for her on Twitter, and a lot of outrage at her treatment by the other women.
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  13. I- how accurate

  14. pretendstobeshocked.gif. There is quite literally zero reason to bring Ramona back. Between her Mar-a-Lago adventures and the investigation into her on-set racism…bin it. It’s time to turn a new page.

    Eboni was a terrible addition, but the way she was treated by the rest of the women (sans Sonja), particularly after the show aired, was repugnant. It’ll be a really tough needle to thread determining who should come back for the Legacy cast. They all have plenty of baggage, some more than others, and I just hope they get it right.
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  15. I honestly think New York would be put on hiatus by Bravo before they allowed Ramona to be fired. Somehow, I just don't see them letting her go. They could have over and over again. Instead, she was given the most scenes in their All Stars series. She must have dirt on someone.
  16. How can you forget that it's spelled with a sexy j?
  17. It literally was dddd.

    How could I do that to legendary Sonjarita?
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  18. I still don't believe it'll return in either form!
  19. The way Sonja says Louis Viuttoôøön lives rent free in my head.
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