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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. I miss watching this vapid brilliant rubbish. Luann's getting raves for her new show that we won't see on the telly because Bravo's too busy replacing her and the rest of the cast.

  2. Edu


    Imagine if this was our new cast.
  3. It's recently come to my attentiøn that I-

  4. That time Richard showed up.
  5. Carrying this over from the RHOA thread because the way they formed the cast for this season of Atlanta feels like what RHONY could/should have done for season 14. I genuinely think they could have come back with Lu, Sonja, Dorinda, Leah, Tinsley or Jill + two new women and some friends and made it all work (Leah being the Drew of RHONY ddd). I can't stop thinking about the possibility that RHONY as we know it is really over.
  6. This is absolutely what should have happened. I wonder if it just didn't come off because of contract/money disputes... who knows.

    The more time since the split RHONY shows announcement, the more wrong it feels to me. Given they delayed RHOA and stuck to their guns re the casting - when few were excited when that cast was announced - and it's now being hyped as a huge return to form, I think they should have waited on deciding RHONY's fate.
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  7. There was also this weird narrative that the show was finished if Ramona left? A lot of blinds were hinting this and the general discourse around season 14 was that it couldn't survive without her. Personally, I never understood this. Ramona's been on autopilot since season 11 and fans loathed her. They could have easily continued on with Luann, Sonja and Leah. Add in Dorinda, bring back Tinsley, trial 2 or 3 other women and offer Jill a friend contract.

    I still think we're a ways off finding out the real reason for the split.
  8. I have a hunch that they may ultimately make a reveal at Bravo Con, which was just announced.
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  9. That makes sense. Wouldn't be surprised if they have a panel or reveal of the new cast like they introduced Leah a few years back at BravoCon. It's in NYC so it certainly feels right.
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  10. If the OG show happens it won't then Bershan should be there. She has chemistry with Luann, Sonja, and Ramona in abundance. It would feel right to me.
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  11. The cast:

    Quincy Morgan
    Victoria De Lesseps
    Ramona's great great great grandmother
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  12. Add Rayvin Huger who lives in NY and we have a CAST
  13. Edu


    And Better Late Than Ever chanteuse Riley Burruss!
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  14. I just listened to Dorinda on Brandi's podcast and she says that she was totally blindsided when she was fired from RHONY and had been prepping Bluestone Mannor, assuming it'd be the perfect spot for filming during COVID (she "had just commissioned a Bluestone Mannor gingerbread house" and was talking to producers about doing Halloween there). It's wild to think how different things could have gone for the entire franchise if they'd left Dorinda onboard and filmed Halloween and Christmas getaways at Bluestone with Ramona, Lu, Dorinda, Sonja, Leah, Eboni, and Bershan. I think it'd still have been an off season because the Eboni/Bershan casting was forced, but Dorinda would have made a major difference.
  15. If BStrong doesn't end up saving RHONY for the gays then it's not a real charity.
  16. We were robbed. Even Holla's tragic return could have been salvaged.
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  17. It‘s so funny how Bethenny and Barbara actually care when Sonja falls and try to save her but Dorinda couldn’t be bothered at all.
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  18. To be fair, I think Dorinda was also not completely there - she was at Sonja's level of drunk.
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  19. Dorinda was on the phone to John telling him that he better fucking love well listen.
  20. "Ow I had the worst room in jail, I can tell you that..."
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