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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Spending the day watching every Berkshires episode.
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  2. For a moment, I thought this was Ramona's special I've got fifty friends I can call at any time party.
  3. Me after one shot of the Dorinda Medley bourbon that finally arrived yesterday

  4. "My second season was not fun."
  5. Oh My God!! Leah didn’t have fun?? Let’s contact Bravo and ensure they lose the rest of their viewership, and millions of dollars bringing Leah back and centering the show around her!! Ddd
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  6. Remember how in the (otherwise pretty dire) last season Ramona thought she was an empathetic icon consoling Leah when her Grandma was about to die, and the ordeal left Leah an uncontrollable sobbing mess instead? I don't know a better woman! Dddd
  7. This unfortunately interests me

    But let me carry on my S10 Ruwatch
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  8. Is it realistic to expect Eboni back on RHONY?
  9. Why are Cara Delevigne's latest antics giving me our icon REY.

  10. Yes.
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  11. I wasn't sure. The blogosphere's collective insistence for months now has been that Bravo was looking to cast a whole new group for RHONY.
  12. I will give Eboni another chance but I would be very, very surprised if she came away moving any higher in my NY rankings (currently bottom 3).
  13. I can't believe Sonja's never going to be on my screen again!!!!!! That is my mother!!! How could they do this to me!!! Question mark!!!
  14. I really do miss my girls. I know Ramona is trash but I want Bethenny to rip her apart a few more times. I’m SAWRY.
  15. Bethenny was on The Today Show(?) yesterday and said she would never return to Housewives. She said she walked away from "millions of dollars" when she left.. I hate it here!!!
  16. Can we at least get another season of The Big Shot where the contestants play Russian Roulette to win a lifetime supply of Skinnygirl popcorn?
  17. With a guest appearance from the Business Maven herself, Ramona Mazumpda Singer?
  18. Once again, center the RHONY reboot around the only other person in the world capable of taking on Bethenny:

    DJ Nicole Rosé
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