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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Don’t get me wrong, she’s provided a lot of entertainment during her time on RHONY and has been one of the most entertaining demons across the Real Housewives franchise.

    I was getting bored of the same tired drama before season 13 and RHUGT and they just confirmed I really don’t want to see her back on the show. She’s been spinning wheels for a few years and I think the show would be fine without her.
  2. I forgot about Bravocon! I hope you're right. It makes sense when you consider that they did announce Salt Lake City at the first one. Surely they'll want to announce something to get people talking.
  3. I am expecting/hoping for announcements relating to both RHONY’s at Bravocon. If either or neither are even mentioned, then I’d say it is most definitely over.
  4. When is Bravocon?
  5. October.
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  6. I wouldn't be surprised if they're focusing on the RHONY reboot exclusively right now to make the Legacy cast members more desperate and willing to take lower salaries, honestly.
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  7. Their priority is the reboot, Andy said this himself. It's more difficult casting an entire new show as apposed to reaching out to old favourites. It still perplexes me they announced the show without speaking to any of the girls but.. that's Bravo for you. There's no doubt that every reporter will be asking Andy about the legends show at Bravocon, so I expect some developments by then.

    I also assume they want some time for Ramona to cool off and let tensions simmer before they reach out to her to return.
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  8. I get why they're not focused on Legacy. That show will be easy to put together and those women perform. Casting a new show and launching a new franchise is always difficult, especially when they're basically being forced to do it. In the past they could test cities and if they didn't find anybody they'd just drop it. There is an incredible amount of pressure to make this happen and make it work, so I get why the relaunch is the main focus.
  9. And isn't that gross? Those women have worked fucking hard for Bravo and this is what they get.
  10. I just miss Sonja on my screen.
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  11. It is, and it's also not unprecedented for the NY cast. The contract disputes between Seasons 5 and 6 were particularly acrimonious if I recall correctly, and delayed the season about a year.

    And then there's the season when Luann and Sonja "lived together" which in reality was just issues with contracts.
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  12. Whats this now? They genuinely just didn’t live together?
  13. I think it goes as they started filming the season later than the others due to contract negotiations, the producers shackled them up in that town house to give them a storyline over the first quarter of a seaosn
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  14. I'm revisiting Cartagena this evening Hens
  15. Every time this thread is bumped I die a little inside. I miss my mothers.
  16. Wait
    I had forgotten BethHenny's allegic reaction to fish after ten seasons... and it not being on the Production Notes for insurance purposes before filming any scene ever.
  17. I don't care if you're the biggest heron...



  18. I finished S4, so glad I didn't skip it - mainly for the Morocco trip, which was sensational.

    Am going to miss Jill, and really enjoyed Alex too. Sexy Brian the artist was also a treat, until the Sonja painting.

    My favourite subplot was LuAnn prodding Ramona over her lack of wine knowledge. Just superb!

  19. This is not the plaza hotel! This is Mörŕøccõ!!
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