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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Bethenny could’ve hit her with the Skinnygirl car and I still wouldn’t take Ghislaine’s Friend’s side. Sawry!
  2. What are you referencing here though? Her antics outside of the show? Because that's certainly not how I read her as an onscreen character. Help me understand!!
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  3. There is not one singular second of her return to the show where it wasn't glaringly obvious Lu and Ramona absolutely seethed at B's success/becoming the star of the series. Sonja was eager to hitch her wagon and Holla/Carole had their own sense of assuredness in their careers/accomplishments. Dorinda simply linked up with Carole/Ramona with the Bethenny pile on at that reunion because B had crossed her by addressing her drinking problem which is clearly a huge trigger for her.
  4. BTG


    Carole detesting Andy is iconic, I can’t lie.
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  5. This, so much!!! And that, girlies, is the point of Real Housewives. Monsters in couture and great hair in posh resorts!
  6. I honestly think their trips are the most legendary out of the whole franchise. The iconic Bezerkshires, Cartagena, Mexico, Scary Island, Morocco, Turks & Caicos... all so good. I know its a pipe dream but im praying that Legacy does actually happen.
  7. Imagine not stanning Bethenny and stanning Carole! Couldn't B strong me!
  8. I'm getting antsy again. I want RHONY news. They better not let BravoCon come and go without announcing either a legacy or reboot cast. RHONY fans have been through so much, that's the least they could do for us.
  9. Gaga in the Joker 2<3
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  10. Am I the only one who likes Bethenny and Carole?

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  11. I hate them all, but I also really love them too. I'm a complicated fandom. It definitely feels like Season 13 did the show in, and I'm still not sure why. Yes, it wasn't great. Clearly not. But every iteration suffers a bad series, some more than one sorry RHOBH, but they still get to haev a reunion and another series afterward. With the new Real Girlfriends spin-off targeting a younger demographic, there's no real reason why RHONY and other classic Housewives shows can't skewer toward older women. Goodness, it was one of the few shows on television that gives older women the spotlight. RHONY is, or was, the peak of the franchise. Now gone.

  12. Not this being over 2 years ago.

  13. Thinking Leah was going to return continuing to eat up Ramona (with the help of a raging Dorinda) after she and Elyse spent the in between months dragging her, with the first RHONY black woman joining to likely snatch Miss Maralago as well… only to get what we got.
  14. johnny_panini_1991
  15. Okay re-watching those iconic Elyse videos - Legacy should be Elyse, Bethenny, Jill, Ramona, Dorinda, Sonja and LuAnn.
  16. I was kii-ing with my friend about Housewives earlier and this actually came up. I was saying how promising the entire RH franchise is getting again with Ultimate Girls Trip being so excellent, and how we have (most likely) really good seasons of Miami, NJ, Potomac and SLC ahead of us. And Taylor being added to OC is promising as well. The only exception* really was New York, and we talked about how sad it is that it once was the pinnacle and how it completely fell apart in front of our eyes. With some time having passed, it actually seems a bit silly that they didn't push ahead in some fashion. They really were stuck between a rock and a hard place, I guess. Eboni was a dud, but the optics of letting her go would've been horrible at the time. Ramona's problematic behaviour was all pointing to her being let go, but she also adds a lot to the show. And Leah was so, so despised. They really were left with Sonja and Luann, and I think they couldn't figure out how to build a cast around them.

    They really should've gone ahead with season 14 with Sonja, Luann, Dorinda, Jill, Bershan, and maybe Heather and someone new.

    *Beverly Hills is irredeemable so it doesn't count
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  17. This show doesn't exist anymore.
  18. [​IMG]
  19. So... does anyone know what happened? The accepted rumour is that Eboni complained about a racist comment allegedly made by Ramona. But does that make sense given Eboni spent the latter half of Season 13 declaring how close to Ramona she felt, how they had a lot in common (much to Luann's confusion). Maybe we've got the timeline wrong, because after the series wrapped, Eboni did the rounds of blogs/podcasts defending Ramona. Weirder still, Leah seemed to turn on Eboni? Or did she?

    What actually happened?
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