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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. They fired Dorinda.
  2. The reason you're confused is because Eboni won't acknowledge the issue with Ramona exists because she's still trying to keep her relationship with Bravo so they'll hire her or Legacy. The Leah issue is that Leah dumped Eboni as a friend is because she knew Luann and Ramona were refusing to film with her so she buddied up with them to stay on the show.

    Eboni and I believe a member of production filed a complaint over Ramona saying "This is why Black people shouldn't be on our show" during the fight where Luann implied Eboni was an "angry Black woman." Apparently it was worse off camera. The investigation found that there was no wrong doing on Ramona's part. Heather revealed on a podcast that the investigation was a sham because she was never interviewed and she was there. Heather is actually the one who confirmed what Ramona said.

    In real life I know Eboni and Heather did become friends, but the Ramona/Eboni stuff I think was just her playing nice to stay on the show. The whole reason for Legacy/nuRHONY is because Ramona and Luann refund to film with Eboni.
  3. Tinsley left and the show collapsed.
  4. So are they keeping Eboni for RHONY and casting new women to be on the show with her, or has this changed?
  5. Nobody knows for sure, but Eboni said she did have a friend group she was submitting. As much as nobody wants to hear it, with Leah on Girls Trip, I wouldn't be surprised if Leah is in the running at the very least.

    It's hard to know what's going on until filming starts. Some reports say casting is going well, others like the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast say their sources tell them that it's basically a nightmare and they don't know what to do because they can't cast the new series. Most recently people on twitter have been saying Luann and Jill are out for Legacy, but they aren't citing where they're hearing the info. Plus I think it's doubtful Luann would be left out if she's currently filming a spin-off with Sonja. Then there was another recent rumor that they wanted to do Jill, Sonja, Luann, Heather, Carole, Aviva.

    Our best hope is a BravoCon announcement for some real answers.
  6. forever
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. RHONY Legacy will not be including Carole, who absolutely hate the show and Andy and I cannot see Heather willing to return after the disaster of season 13.

    Legacy HAS to include: Ramona, Dorinda, Luann, Sonja, Jill then I'd add Tinsdale and/or Aviva
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  8. I wonder if Bravo realise they've blundered with the two shows idea.
  9. Season 3 Ramona was the most powerful housewife.

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  10. Kim Richards' great aunt having a show still while this franchise rots.

    I grow tired.
  11. I agree with your cast, but I was just pointing out the rumors suggest they're throwing everything at the wall.

    Even if it works out, I feel this has to be the case. Andy always said you never pick a housewife city. You test in various places and you only greenlight a HW show if you find an organic cast that pops. Commiting to a city like they've done has put them at a disadvantage because you never know what you'll get when casting.
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  12. … Basically they should’ve kept it as one show and just retooled the cast like they did after season 4. Especially when they had previous cast members they could’ve brought back and the existing ones would’ve had far less bargaining power of the back of season 13.
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  13. I'm surprised Leah seemingly overthrew her 'friendship' with Eboni because Luann and Ramona apparently refused to film with her. Surely there's more going on? Did she possibly blame Eboni for the reunion being cancelled instead of Ramona and Luann? Maybe the financial hit of the scrapped reunion caused problems considering Leah wanted to put her daughter through school.

    All this is pure guesswork, of course.
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  14. I'm not worried, for some unexplained reason I do have faith in Bravo/Peacock/NBC that they'll do their best to get this right.

    The original show was one of the best ever, but after 13 years it had its foibles. Clearly the network and the viewers were unhappy with the representation of New York through the show, and adding younger/more diverse women while retaining the old guard was a failed experiment. That said, the Legacy Housewives are much-loved and endlessly entertaining. I can totally understand the reasoning behind splitting the two. I'm also confident that they have found a solid group to move forward with for season 14 - especially after Dave Quinn tweeted that the cast was "locked and loaded." The potential Legacy Housewives are both thirsty to still be on TV and pros at what they do, so I'm also confident that whoever is on it, and however it's structured, will be entertaining.

    In the meantime, we're in a golden age of Housewives: RHOA's retooling paid off and I'm sure RHOC will follow suit; RHOSLC, RHOP, RHOM & RHONJ are all in the can and supposedly fantastic seasons; RHUGT has been a revelation and I'm sure fixing RHOBH and the two RHONYs are on the cards.
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  15. RHOBH can never be fixed.

    As for RHONY, Bravo should just throw any amount of money Bethenny wants and let her cast the new wives.
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  16. To be fair we had a good RHOBH season last year.
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  17. Make her a producer for sure.
  18. We were all so happy that's actually hard to imagine how terrible things would soon become.
  19. Dang I forgot the reunion was cancelled. A mess.
  20. A fluke.
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