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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. I know. The ratings were too low and Bravo didn't think anyone would watch, apparently. Even Dallas got a reunion.
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  2. Okay…another day, another rumor. Bravo and Cocktails is reporting on four women they claim are in for nuRHONY. We will find out when filming allegedly starts mid September.

    This woman was also part of the test cast for RHOD season six:

  3. "Thank you Hashem"

    *checks IG*

    "Proud Jew & Zionist" *photos of her with literal IDF soldiers* *photo of her kissing a dirty airport tarmac in Israel*

    I just...don't know how successful they're gonna be in getting the representation thing right, in the same vein as the Sex and the City reboot. Just please don't be boring.
  4. Lmao! People ate Lizzy UP for that when she was with Dallas. I must say it’s on brand for Bravo to stick with her now in a second city.
  5. Orfeh of Legally Blonde: The Musical fame being cast on RHONY... yes.
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  6. Here’s the alleged full cast:

    I’m glad Leah and Eboni didn’t make it. If they’re gonna start fresh, start fresh. Now please just start filming.
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  7. I don't give a fuck about this show, I just want Legacy news ddd. Hurry up and tell us that Dorinda & Jill are leading the cast!
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  8. Hopefully this getting underway will get us the legacy show we want!
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  9. What happens to this thread when the 2 shows go live? I have no interest in a new housewives show. I want my girls back.
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  10. I think the consensus was that we'll start a new thread for the RHONY with a new cast and keep this one for the OG group.
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  11. I think they'll be aired separately enough that we can just use this one?

    The mods when they get another complaint about the amount of Housewives Threads in here
  12. If they can't get Julia Fox for the reboot just bin it.
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  13. I started with RHONY at the reunion for season 2 as was recommended by some of you. Currently watching season 2 and pretending it’s season 14. My moms are back!
  14. Instead of calling this RHONY S14, call this RHONY Downtown and the other RHONY Uptown and start them both at S1. I’m not assuming anyones zip codes by any means but thats clearly what they’re going for and I just don’t think a whole new cast should start at S14.
  15. little writer girls stay losing!!
  16. Exactly.

    Julia Fox
    Binna’s spawn
    Azealia Banks
    some other young socialites
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  17. Not being funny but Orfeh is the same age as Bethenny, 1 year younger than Holla and older than Kristen, Aviva, Alex and Tinsley...
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  18. It's called a cheater brand.
  19. I don't know who that woman is but going just by a single name is iconic to me.
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