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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Despite knowing absolutely nothing about her, I am fully prepared to stan Orfeh if needed.
  2. Orfeh posted that she isn't joining the show, so we're probably back at square one lol.
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  3. I didn't actually believe she'd been cast in the first place. There's no way Bravo is getting rid of our Chaotic Coven and not replacing them with far younger women.
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  4. I feel like they're testing the waters for this relaunch with the Real Girlfriends of So and So thing.
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  5. You know, if they need a group to kick it off, they should grab some of the Blood, Sweat and Heels girls. Maybe 3 of them and 3-4 complete newbies.

    That is one of the most exciting pieces of Housewives casting to ever happen, in my opinion.

    EDIT: Eaux.
  7. The whiplash in this thread. We're starving!!!
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  8. I love that Luann's "Lower Level" walk out starts with her bitching about how cold Ramona's Hampton House is to Bethenny at the end of Season 10.
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  9. Is season 8 the best season? The pure Chaos of it all, Dorinda being pure and savage, Ramona being the shit stirrer of the season, Bethenny and Carole being the duo we truly didn't need but they torment Luann's at her most delusional, Sonja finally getting the scathing call out she deserved for seasons, and there is also Jules who definitely could have been interesting in the long run.
  10. Season’s 3, 8, 10 and all god tier seasons. Not just for RHONY, not just for Real Housewives, but for television throughout the ages.
  11. No season 9 in your list, though?? You were supposed to MENTION IT ALL.
  12. Sorry Hens, I think, Season 5 might be my favourite RHONY Season
  13. The objectively best season is either 3 or 10. Remove your personal bias and remember all the iconic moments of, in particular, season 3.
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  14. If I’m being real, I could say seasons 1-12 are god tier television but I would say 3, 8, 10 shine that little bit brighter.
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  16. Someone from Tales from the Crypt walks in...

    Bethenny and Ramona's feud is perhaps RHONY's best.
  17. Bethenny, Luann, Ramona, Sonja and Dorinda were an unbelievably entertaining group. We didn't know how good we had it. Whatever happens with the show's future, we know nothing will replicate that.
  18. Season 9 is peak TV and i refuse anything less than that.
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  19. 9 and 10 are those gworls
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