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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. I know we all evolve, but how did Alex and Simon go from fame hungry reality stars to PHD, laughing yoga, suburbanites.

    A jarring 180.
  2. There was a lot of mice in de vault hunni.

    Alex and Simon smell like dirty pennies and the back of earrings, that I do know.
  3. It's legendary behaviour, the fact they turned out to be the most well adjusted people and are living their best lives in Australia, Tinsdale can't relate!

  4. The back of earrings
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  5. ii amM heRe tO dELiVeR a MEssAgE!!

    tHIs mESSaAgGe is FoR jIlL!!
  6. Alex’s bold face commitment to “I am the messenger”.
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  7. It's in my top 5 scenes, Alex mastered the art of cringe, I would have given her a role on The Office IMMEDIATELY
  8. My favourite Alex moment is her ridiculous feud with Sonja over gay rights. Honestly, what television. And her husband's lesson in cringeworthy excellence with his stupid speech about marrying an Alexandra when he could have married an Alexander. Luann's hatred of her questionable fashions always made for fun scenes too.
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  9. Latest rumours. A rebooted RHONY with not one black woman? Mess. Ubah Hassan and Tiffany Reid apparently dropped out.

    I'm so curious about how this will all play out - whether the cast will be close to this or not at all, if it is - why didn't they keep familiar faces like Tinsley and Leah in the mix? Surely that would have helped bridge the gap for viewers?

    I was thinking... In August 2020, Bravo should have announced that they were pausing production until Covid restrictions were eased in NYC. They could have kept Dorinda, because viewer backlash would have died down with time, and moved forward with the entire season 12 cast and some newbies (Bershan, Eboni I guess, etc.) plus Heather and Aviva in the mix as was planned and started filming in like March/April 2021. Then the season would have ended as restrictions were lifted which would have ended the season on a celebratory note. Things could have been so different to what we're going to get now.
  10. @teddienono I do agree if they were going with a younger cast like that I’d have included a Leah, Tinsley or Eboni to bring the gap a bit. But I don’t understand why they’d want to go younger when most of the successful new housewives are 50+. These women just seem too young imo. I would’ve cast for people in their 40’s at least.
  11. That's why I don't think Leah or Eboni quite worked on the show. Bravo cast too young when they should have gone older. Kathy is one of the biggest hits on Bravo in recent years because she's a funny, silly, sharper older woman. The RHONY cast should have had someone closer to their age, I reckon. Eccentrics are best suited. Tinsley only worked because she had genuine a connection within the group and was very quirky.
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  12. Luann, Ramona and Eboni have been added to the Bravocon lineup. At this point I have no speculation left in me lol. Who knows if it means anything.
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  13. I can't imagine it does, but my goodness the potential audience questions!
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  14. Leah announced today she's a former RHONY housewife. The good thing about this is that it tells me they're finally making decisions and the rumors of a BravoCon announcement are hopefully true. I guess the rumors are true and Girls Trip was an audition for her and she failed miserably.

    Whether the casts/results are good or bad, I'm just ready for this RHONY mess to be over and for them to be filming. Us poor RHONY fans have been waiting forever and even with an announcement we still have another six months to wait because they have to film and edit. This is too much!
  15. The way Lizzy Savetsky holds fast on these casting rumors like a shitstain. They're really gonna give us the Real Housewives of Zionism huh.
  16. Her whole vibe is psychotic. I think the other two white ladies are Jewish too. Maybe they'll drag her.

    Also why do all of these women have like 800 children? It's giving Elon Musk.
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  17. This is no longer on Hulu. I feel like I've been watching old episodes for years on it.

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  18. We didn’t know how fucking good we had iT #bringbackmymoms

  19. Oh it's on Peacock. I'm gonna have to re-start my subscription to this flop service. Hulu doesn't support other woman!

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