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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Could you imagine Ramona or LuAnn trying it with Remy? Television gold!
  2. Lisa Rinna getting fired while RHONY Legacy gets rebooted as the mainline entry is the news I need in my life right now. I find that, an aphrodisiac!
  3. I can imagine Lizzy and the new cast getting booed at BravoCon by fans of RHONY and quality cabaret performers.
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  4. Never saw something capture this thread so succinctly:
  5. [​IMG]
  6. The way LuAnn was so unmoved by Bethenny's breakdown that she interrupted her rebuttal to make a dig at Barbara sdfsdgcnbv
  7. It's always the "you're going to have a heart attack!!1!" from fucking Dorinda that does it for me, like she isn't flirting with coke palpations any given dinner.
  8. No but I actually fall asleep to episodes of Real Housewives. It’s my white noise.
  9. I was sitting here thinking about how Luann makes such a tremendous, wonderful villain before I realized that they're ALL the villain.
  10. I kinda forgot about this scene? PHEW THAT WAS INTENSE.

    The only thing I remember about this dinner was YEAH I'M DRINKING LUANN!
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  11. I'm with you, Ms Jetson Hooker. Truly one of the most iconic moments of season 11!
  12. where the FUCK is my legacy cast announcement, may I ask?? I'm SICK to the back teeth of not knowing.. I blame Reena, Lisa Reena for this!!
  13. This is all Leah's fault.

    And that sister!!!
  14. Bethenny is the GOAT for this.

    Also, everyone watch this and wait till the end. She raised millions for the LGBT!!
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  15. Meanwhile I'm actively on anti-Skinny-Girl TikTok

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  16. Bethenny is embarrassing on Tik Tok, jesus christ.
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  17. Also the constant micro aggressions towards Meghan Markle like what the fuck is that?? You just know Bethenny will get off on constantly referencing how she's being ~cancelled~, Brine needs to snatch her mother's phone from ha.
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  18. Not Brine

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  19. Same

    Not really, but she is kind of overrated.
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