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The Real Housewives of New York

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 28, 2019.

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  2. WriterGirls™ seeing Bethenny be a mess.
  3. The truth is that Bethenny's underdog complex was only tolerable when she was a scrappy spinster trying to make it in the big city, once she shaved down her jaw and became a reality heavyweight and legit mogul...she became incredibly grating to hear her carry herself like a martyr who "came from nothing!!!" despite multiple childhood images and accounts of her bumping shoulders with the 1%.

    There's just an insidious joylessness and readiness to tear others down that has always rubbed me the wrong way. Her obsession with Meghan is just the latest example of this.
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  5. Oh it's Bethenny hate hour again? The way I sat through that entire boring tiktok waiting to see my bitter hag mom though. At least grant me the amusement of seeing what she actually said instead of the same old backwashed takes about it.
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  6. Bethenny would have to do something egregiously horrible to get me to stan Carole. Like kill a man
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  7. I don’t think Bethenny will truly ever be happy.
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  8. Supposedly stuff is being announced this weekend regarding RHONY/Sonja stuff at BravoCon. Dumb to post but Sonja mentioned it in a Cameo video I stumbled upon on her page. One can hope PHONY doesn't get made and they try to perfect/make RHONY work again. It'll probably just be the Lu and Sonja show announcement though.
  9. Ramona on the Brooklyn bridge:
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  10. Chapter Three of Eboni's forthcoming book is apparently about her experiences on the worst last series of RHONY. This could be interesting.
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  11. Honestly, all these points about Bethenny aren't wrong but they're also why I stan her.
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  12. We're days away from a RHONY announcement. I can't be excited (especially not know what will be announced), but I'll be relieved when Bravo says SOMETHING about RHONY. Even if they only announce Sonja and Lu's spin-off, we deserve something!
  13. SAY WHAT YOU WANT ABOUT Bethenny, but she is RHONY!
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  14. Honestly the forum just isn't the same without the violent RHOBH vs. RHONY feud. @teddienono and I almost killed each other.
  15. I don’t think we’re getting the Legacy announcement. It feels like we’ll get Reboot and @1991 & @constantino spin off news.
  16. I have 0 hope for this reboot. I’m not convinced it even exists.
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  17. The war of RHONY season 12 vs RHOBH season 10... people were killed!!!
  19. But then we got RHONY 13 vs RHOBH 11 and we all know who won that one
  20. @Karvel is right in that RHONY12 vs. RHOBH10...Whew! She DIED, Aviva.
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