The Real Housewives of New York

The show dynamics were getting stale, it wasn’t just Ramona that was toxic, some of the cast just had absolutely nothing new to deliver. I don’t think reverting it to legacy was the best idea, but I also don’t think they could continue with the same cast or fire half the cast and attempt to move on. They’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t.
I'd gladly watch Dorinda, Lu, Sonja, Jill, Tinsley and Dale do nothing but get drunk and fight for another 100 years.
Exactly what I was gonna say nn I would have gladly sat through 10 more seasons of Lu, Sonja, Tinsley and Ramona plus Jill and Dorinda. The show dynamics were a mess because Leah bought into her first season hype and Eboni just wasn’t a good fit. Had they fired those two and kept Bershan, I’m sure we could have had a decent season 14.
Are we boycotting the new show? What do you think ladies?

They still need to give us more than "the new cast is fantastic! Take our word for it!" I'm hoping either today or tomorrow they do a cast reveal at BravoCon. Good or bad this reboot needs to start filming so we can get this over with.

As for Legacy, I still think it will happen. Between Bravo and Peacock there is room for it.