The Real Housewives of New York

Someone on Reddit said that Bethenny's a cautionary tale of unchecked survival mode. I can't shake it.

I watched the S2 reunion (or started it anyway) and here are some thoughts:
I never hear the "Bethenny puts publicity pictures of her at the charity event but she says the sponsor paid for it and everyone is still mad at her" fight in the finale get talked about. That made it clear they already were sharpening their knives and out for her. I think it was tacky but what Bethenny said sounded reasonable enough so I would let it slide?
The old reunions where there was an echo after every word because it was filmed in an empty venue were dramatic.
I noticed Kelly and Ramona both were like "why are you so down on yourself! You're beautiful, you have a lot going on for you". I can't tell if it was just like a passive aggressive family member at a holiday or if they actually did have camaraderie and respect for each other then. The part where Bethenny had tears in her eyes made me sad.
I like when Alex said she respects Ramona because she deals with her during filming instead of being surprised during confessionals for Bethenny.
Bethenny and Alex Rodriguez? I'm surprised by that relationship and want to learn more.
I noticed Luann said something like "the Count added that she's an Ethiopian princess because otherwise he wouldn't have wanted people to think he was just dating an Ethiopian woman (:" and the cast can remain on pause to be honest. Obviously it would still be bad but then thinking about Luann's daughter "allegedly" saying the n word just feels more gross than some teen edgelord trash.