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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. Have you ever wanted to see someone's soul die in real time?

    Then follow the journey of Vicki Gunvalson, as the rot of fame and success slowly eats away at her humanity over the course of 15 years and 14 seasons of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

    Once a hard working woman with a conservative sense of family values and a part of an insular community, Vicki's thin veneer cracks open as critiques about her marriage and appearance give way to a woman obsessed with being respected and fearful of losing control.

    Now a shell of a human being, she is orbited by broken women such as Tamra Judge, who desperately clings to any semblance of material wealth and attention after growing up destitute.

    Watch as the show moves from a glimpse behind the gates of wealthy women in California to a maelstrom of deception, resentment, alcoholism, and broken relationships. Also Republicans.
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  2. This is the last installment (only the last season) I’ve seen after NYC, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Potomac and New Jersey and it’s by far the trashiest one. I feel uncomfortable most of the time but I can’t stop watching!
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  3. Let's start with an early, classic storyline with the OC Angels:
  4. I love how dark OC gets (with their storylines, clearly not the cast members dd). From Brooks faking cancer, Shannon and David period, Tamra when she was trying to divorce Simon and take down Gretchen as her fiancé died...not to forget Lynne being lied to by her husband about their finances as their kids were served an eviction notice on camera...but cancergate really was the pinnacle of any Housewives show for me.

    The storyline just took hold of the cast and I can’t remember the last time fans were so consumed by a specific mystery on Housewives. Lucy Lucy Apple Juice wishes she had that clout.

    That said, this fight deserves all the awards:

  5. A space in the thread must be reserved for the woman who single-handedly brought down Pigcki Gunvalson, who made season 10 the most iconic in the OC universe and introduced Kelly Dodd to the show in season 11. Who's actions arguably set up the show for several seasons to come. If it wasn't for "cancer-gate", Vicki wouldn't have orchestrated scathing verbal attacks on her friends Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador, along with spreading life-damaging rumours and still be screaming five years down the line about how she was c̵̛̟̭̰̺̔̊̋̄͑̏̕͝o̶͓͔͇͔̟͙͌̒̈́̏́̑ń̶̨̧̡͔̖͖̩͓̱̗n̶̛̦̈̈̉̏̈̐̌́̕e̷̠̓d̷̪̮̹̥͖̥̎͐͒̇̾̈́̉̑̏͘͠͠ͅ. We must pay our dues to..

    Meg-legend King Edmonds

  6. True. If it wasn’t for Giraffe then Vicki wouldn’t have been alone on Season 11 and Kelly Godd wouldn’t have needed to do what she did to make an iconic season.
  7. Sometimes the real heroes don't shriek the loudest.

    Sometimes they just quietly and methodically bring the receipts.
    Like when Meghan called the urgent care center Brooks allegedly went to and found out they don't offer the treatment he claimed he got there. Like when she double-checked the stationary and format of the medical documentation he claimed was real. Like when she used a psychic's abilities to discern that Brooks doesn't really have cancer.

    HER POWER. Batman whomst??
  8. This is true. if it wasn't for Meghan we wouldn't have these iconique avi's on the Popjustice forum.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. We have a new Tres Amigas Real Housewives thread! *subscribes*

    S14 has been a true return to form after the disastrous season 12 and 13. Seasons 9-11 of this show are probably my favorite string of Real Housewives seasons ever (except for RHONY seasons 7-10).

    And I love that this site is basically KellyJustice!
  10. Yes, season 14 truly was KellyJustice indeed.

    I rewatched this earlier, I have to laugh at how much the audience love Kelly and how their encouragement spurs her on further, ddd.
  11. Was there any better moment than Kelly donging Shannon with that donger? I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt when Shannon was on her way back from the hospital and Kelly was relentlessly SCREAMING at her about how stupid she is.

    I also love that her and Ramona Singer are besties.

    I FORESHADOWED THIS. You’re a fucking idiot.

    Did they do a CAT scan on you? What happened?

    They find you had a LOOSE SCREW IN YOUR FUCKING HEAD?
  13. Detective Meghan King Edmonds (#JUSTICE---that's for anybody that listens to the Watch What Crappens podcast)---she didn't really do to much else afterwards, but she cemented her place in the history of the OC by basically exposing the entire cancer scam. She, Shannon, and Kelly really were important components of the show post what I refer to as the Gretchen era.
  14. This thread made me think of the fact that since this was the first in the franchise with the most seasons, we have also been blessed (mostly) with the most Housewives with the current tally being 22 official orange recipients. While we have had our fair share of 1 and dones, the OC has had a good number of memorable characters to the history of Bravo. So I present to you, my list of the 10 Most Important OC Housewives (in no order other than their first appearance: 1) Vicki, 2) Jeana, 3) Jo 4) Tamra, 5) Gretchen, 6) Alexis, 7) Heather, 8) Shannon, 9) Meghan, 10) Kelly

    Vicki and Jeana were the OGs that lasted the longest. Vicki the biggest evidence of a loved Housewife who let the fame go to her head and become a monster. Jeana was the beginning of the troupe of the "normal one" and the "sad sap"--as the show evolved the more out of place she felt so when she left 2 episodes into season 5, I knew it was time for her to go, but still I always had a soft spot for her. We were introduced through the gates by Jo, and she was popular for the two seasons she was on. Sure we got Slade, the other wives bar Jeana hated her (which would be something 98% of the new girls would face), but in the end she got away from Slade and in 2 short seasons had a complete ark. Its crazy to think she's an OG but still one of the youngest OC wives to ever be on the show.

    Tamra is credited for bringing in modern day Housewives, but she actually wasn't that bad her first season. It wasn't until the introduction of Gretchen in season 4 and Alexis in 5 that her true form appeared and her and Vicki's reign of terror began. Gretchen was another example of someone going from loved to hated, and a glimpse of what would have happened to our original underdog hero Jo had she not escaped Slade! Alexis was clueless, had a horrible husband, but despite it all I still ended up rooting for her in the end. Heather brought the lifestyle porn that none of the ladies had as the other cities really out moneyed them (bar maybe New Jersey, but they faked it better.) She also was the leader of the no fun police, which is why I never understood how she got along with Vicki and Tamra.

    Shannon ushered in the new era after the Gretchen/Alexis(Lydia) dumping. She was to the OC what Dorinda is to NYC, a newbie who feels like she's always been there. One season you love her, one season you hate her, but she's 1000% crazy and she has as many shifts in alliances as she has lemons in a bowl. Meghan was the reintroduction of the younger prettier girl coming in and driving the rest crazy (something we hadn't seen really since Gretchen's introduction (Lydia was pretty inoffensive her first go round and Lizzie didn't last long enough). Her detective skills made her a legend. Kelly was the perfect storm. She can be likeable and a downright monster, all within the span of the intro to the first commercial break. The fact that she is now public enemy number one of the Tres Amigas, makes her even more of a hero in my book and I believe a cornerstone of the OC so long as she wants to stay there.

    Again apologies, but you all know I'm long winded as hell. This has been my dissertation of the Real Housewives of Orange County, LOL.
  15. Let’s talk about the moment Kelly became Kellegend.

    take take take take defam- LIEs!

    take LIES!!

    TAKE LIES!!!

    i’m supposed to take deFAMatory LIES?!?!?!
  16. Since it probably won't happen in this thread very often since a lot of people probably hate her, I am going to use this first page to inject a moment of Jeana appreciation:

  17. I will ALWAYS take a moment to appreciate the Keoughs.
    If only because of the time I was in line for a club in the OC like 11 years ago when the two Keough children threw a ‘Do you know who I am?!’ fit at the bouncer for not letting them cut the line. He did not know who they were, did not care, and let us in instead.
  18. Apparently the audience want to see more of the Tres Amigas and less of newbies like Gina/Emily/Brawnwyn. So says a Bravo source quoted by Reality Blurb.

    Are they fucking joking?
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  19. I'm not going to believe anything until I see some official casting announcements.
  20. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if the “Bravo” source is a rep for the tres amigas. You only have to read social media to see it’s a landslide of tweets begging Andy or production to axe one or all of them. There’s always a lot of shit slinging between the cast around this time behind their reps. January will confirm any exists anyway.
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