The Real Housewives of Orange County

Not Gina saying “shit happens” about Noella’s dad dying and saying that she needs to shut the fuck up about her divorce, like we didn’t have to constantly hear about Gina’s divorce, DUI, etc. just a couple seasons ago when she was going through it. Girlie made herself look awful tonight and I’m praying that Noella and Shannon vanquished her and her “GATHER” sign once and for all at the reunion.

Also, I screamed at Emily pointing out how Dr. Jen just repeats everything Heather says and then the sound effect the editors used when it happened again later in the episode. I am surprisingly enjoying Emily this season and think she could shine even more if she wasn’t attached to Gina at the (new) hip.
Yeah, that was hard to watch. On the one hand I can empathise with not standing a person to the point of not wanting to hear her talk anymore, but you’re on TV, Gina!!

While camera awareness is definitely a negative in the Housewives canon, there’s a minimum if you’re a smart one. So bad.
It’s not even just the way she treats Noella teebs, it’s… everything about her. That awful affected voice she puts on when she’s ~drunk~, her shitty confessionals, her brand being ‘I live in a small house!’, the way her head is now STUCK up Heather’s ass. She’s just ugh. I can’t stand her.

And what the fuck was that rant about her friend Tatiana but we call her TAUGHT! ???? People hardly care about you, don’t expect them to remember your friend’s stupid nickname.

A 1/10 in the next Housewives rate.
They need to get rid of Gina and Dr. Jen. Gina is funny in her confessionals but has been acting the fool over nothing.

Also Heather has not been looking great this season, it is just not being on reality TV for a few years?
My VaGinA’s hAnGinG OuT!


The complete lack of interest I had with this episode after what we got in the previous. I am glad it’s ENDING.
Season 17 Dream Cast

Dr. Jen

I want to see Tamra come back and lock horns with Heather, Shannon and Jen. Emily to come for Jen and Braunwyn. Noella and Braunwyn to hook up and fight each other and the other ladies. Noella to continue her fight against Heather.

I truly see an iconic verge of breaking down Jen. She’s boring but she’s on the edge.
What’s everyone’s casting predictions for next season?


Would be a solid base, that they could build upon.

Also what is this 360 on social media about Kelly Dodd? A large majority on Twitter are calling for her return. The fans are so fickle. I for one don’t want to see this POS on my tv screen again. Even if she was one of, if not the best ever OC casting. Her views and opinions are just tragic. And I don’t think she deserves the platform. Fans just want to see Heather vs Kelly again.
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I’d like Emily, Heather and Tamra vs Noella and Shannon next season. Gina and Dr Jen can be there as foes of.

Add a strong newbie and you have a perfect cast.
I’m gonna need them to give Noella’s friend Keni at least a shot at a friend of next season. And nothing for desperate Tawny.

Truly though, I think the well for new casting in OC dried up a while ago.
I still don't buy that Tamra will come back as early as next season. I just don't see it happening for a while.

They need to boot Dr. Jen based on the fact that she's as dull as dishwater and ditch Gina, I feel like her arc is finished. There is nothing else they can get out of her.
Also what is this 360 on social media about Kelly Dodd? A large majority on Twitter are calling for her return.

A mixture of hatred for Heather and the realisation that she brought a lot of drama to the show without needing a gang to help her bully one or two people?