The Real Housewives of Orange County

They needed to cancel this years ago, and despite their best efforts, Noella and Heather were never going to be enough to save this expired milk. The producers continue to fumble casting decisions, and unless they can make some strong, meaningful changes either on screen or within the production company, there is no need for OC to exist.
I still think they'll give Tamra another shot before giving up altogether (and I think that Tamra could spin TV gold out of the current Noella/Shannon vs. Heather set-up).

If it does indeed get axed though, I'm going to at least need this spin-off to become a reality
In a sneak peek at the RHOC reunion, Heather was seen telling Shannon that she could have “blown up” her family years ago because she had grown privy to the months-long affair David was having behind Shannon’s back amid their 17-year marriage.

“I could have blown up your family. I knew David was having an affair,” Heather alleged.

She then claimed Shannon was also in the know about David’s cheating, adding, “By the way, you knew David was having an affair.”
Heather is apparently claiming at the reunion that Shannon knew David was cheating on her before it became a storyline on the show…the trailer was a mess but maybe they do have something after all?

If nothing else, I’m perched for some fourth wall breaking Season 9 tea. Remind us of the RHOC golden age (and then bring back Tamra to take us there)!
I enjoyed this season. Nothing interesting happened after episode 2, but it was a pleasant, light watch for the most part. I will give them one more chance to fix things - ratings aside, if a potential season 17 doesn't produce interesting content then the show should be put back on hiatus, and do something fun with the veterans on Peacock.

Heather and Shannon should both return, they're the closest things to anchors at this point. Noella is the breakout star and should also return. Emily and Gina's alliance needs to be split, I'd demote/fire Gina because she was annoying in the back half of the season. Emily at least tried to be interesting this season and drove story. Dr Zzn, I believe, has some potential if - and only if - the reports/rumours about her dodgy business dealings are factual. She could give OC a mini Jen Shah/Erika moment of true crime. Film her with an open contract and edit her out if nothing happens.

Tamra needs to be injected back into this show. What would be great TV is if she gets a The Bitch is Back style campaign to market her return, hashes shit out with Shannon in the first 2 episodes, and then flips on Heather. Tamra & Shannon vs Heather would be a serve, it would make Heather interesting while calling back to season 9.

I'd like to see Noella and Emily team up, they would be a much more fun duo than Gina and Emily. Bring in a friend of Noella's and either another new face (with an interesting story) or Meghan King Edmonds to have them duke it out for another orange. Guest appearances from Vicki, Gretchen, Lizzie, Alexis and Kelly Dodd.
What would be great TV is if she gets a The Bitch is Back style campaign to market her return, hashes shit out with Shannon in the first 2 episodes, and then flips on Heather.
I've been wanting this for a Jill Zarin return to RHONY for years but pretty much just exactly this except with Tamra would be absolutely perfect:

Also, I'm still screaming at Gina trying to hawk a skin care line when she is notable for...nothing at all. It makes Wild Rose look like Fenty Beauty by comparison. The absolutely only way it will make money is if it's a money laundering scheme or the top of an MLM pyramid.

Time to hang up your kitchen sign and go home.