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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. And Heather is authenTIC? GURL BYE.

    That article needs to be at least be put on Grammarly or just run thru spell check, not “DATING ON TABLES”. I-
  2. Not them having to waste time at this reunion showing boring clips from the first season, having phone conversations with Andy’s toddler son, and explaining the set filled with iconic OC landmarks: a lifeguard stand & a gate.

    The rot continues.
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  3. Andy’s son had more to say at that reunion than Dr Dreadful.
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  4. I thought the reunion was OK. But unfortunately Shannon was eviscerated and Gina showed once more that she’s just an arsehole.
  5. Shannon was piled on by a gang. Yuck.
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  6. One of the worst reunions I've ever seen. Part 1 of the season 15 reunion was somehow better, what with Brown Wind's antics.
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  7. This is the most dreadful reunion ever. First they gang up on Noella, then move to Shannon. Emily jumping in trying to be a loudspeaker of reason was hella annoying because all she was doing was being LOUD AND WRONG.

    I really forgot Dr Jen was there after Andy introduced her and asked her about moving.
  8. If we didn't realise how much of a dud, Dr Jen was, it really showed at the reunion. She shouldn't have even bothered coming. She has nothing interesting going on aside from Ryne showing the dog more affection than her. Very boring, she truly was a one season/twenty minute GWORL.
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  9. If my partner was Dr Jen Mellencamp I’d probably pay more attention to the dog too.

    Just put this show out of its misery please. You know it’s bad when I’m saying that, and I’ve defended some pure trash over the years.
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  10. This show's death rattles disturb and haunt me and it's time for it to be put down.
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  11. I really don't think the season was bad enough nor the cast unfixable enough to warrant all this, girls.
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  12. I feel like the season has had some good episodes and the reunion had good moments…

    I do think it’s salvageable, if they were to cast some more ladies to side with Noella/Shannon and cut Dr Jen they could be onto something.

    Look at how Beverly Hills has turned it around (and New York the other way!).
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  13. I think the show is in a bad place but it's not completely unfixable. With that said, if they can't get Tamra back then they need to pull the plug.

    I thought part one of the reunion was fine, not as bad as I was expecting. Shannon is too good for this cast.
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  14. I think the first mistake was to ask Gina back. And then do it again and again and again. How is she there since 2018?!

    Shannon really is winning this season, isn't she? The other women ganging up on her at the reunion kind of sealed the deal.
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  15. Did anyone check to see if Dr. Jen like, died on the couch? Because I think she's actually dead.
  16. I don’t know what it says about me, but… I still like Gina? I feel like she’s had a glow up these past few seasons. She used to be intensely irritating to me, to the point where I considered quitting OC because I was so baffled by her presence, but I’ve grown to really love how comfortable she is with herself, and I think it’s refreshing to watch a housewife who’s not competitive, jealous, trying to live above their means, etc. I also love her new haircut ddd.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I adore a messy, manipulative HW as much as the next gay, but Gina seems really grounded, and watching her get out of an abusive relationship and into a loving, supportive one has warmed my usually cold heart. Plus, someone always needs to play the audience surrogate/Greek chorus and I think Gina does it well enough.

    I totally understand the complaints about her treatment of Noella, and while I ride for Noella and think she’s been a shot in the arm for this franchise and exactly what RHOC needs, I also understand how she could feasibly be someone who’s really difficult to be around or have a relationship with. A friendship with Noella seems like it would test your patience. And we love her for that!
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  17. It's hard to remember the last time I've seen such an overwhelmingly negative reaction as Gina and Dr. Jen have gotten for this season. Has to be Leah for season 13 of RHONY.
  18. That wasn’t her on the couch, it was Mr Puppers in a dress from the Alexis Couture line.
  19. Gina has one tactic when it comes to conflict and it's turning up the volume and throwing out juvenilely broad statements. Someone in here called her MTV energy and I can't get that out of my head.

    I think the only real stumbling block they will run into for casting is that Tamra is the most essential missing piece and the other most viable returnees want nothing to do with her (Alexis and Gretchen). That said, throwing in a slight curve ball with a supporting character like Meghan or Lizzie could work out.

    I just don't think we're in nearly as dire straits as Season 6 of Jersey, Season 13 of New York or Season 10 of Beverly Hills as far as casting goes. Hell, I'd say prior to finding out they were willing to bring back Sheree and finally promote Marlo, Season 13 of Atlanta left a lot more mess to clean up as well.

    Am I fully saying this with my chest simply because I don't like the idea of having just spent multiple months of my life binging what could be a sinking ship? Probably! But I still believe in this city.

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  20. Gina does feel diametrically opposed to everything the Real Housewives franchise represents. I still like her!

    I also agree that the show isn’t quite in the dire straits some fans like to say it is. It needs a lot of retooling but I think there’s something salvageable here, with Shannon, Noella, Tamra, Emily, Gina and maybe a few fresh faces rounding out the group. Noella needs and deserves a teammate. They should test the other ladies in her stack of vaginas. I cannot stand demonic Heather but I will reluctantly admit she’s probably good for the show and should stick around—for now.
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